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Valeera build guide

Although in World of WarCraft games the Blood elves are sided with the Horde, not all of them follow that path. Take our hero for example. She could save the Horde a lot of trouble if she killed Varian, but this Elf has different criteria. Welcome to Valeera build guide, and get ready to vanish.

I know that I already wrote about assassins heroes who are strong in direct clash with the backline of the opposing team, for example, Genji, Illidan or Alarak, but none of them have such narrow purpose as Valeera does. I can freely say that she is one of the most potent assassins in Heroes of the Storm.

“Whatever you can do in five combo points, I can do in three.”

Valeera, Shadow of the Uncrowned


  • Skill ceiling is amazingly high
  • Excels in roaming and ganking
  • A plethora of abilities with great utility
  • Can be played in several different ways


  • Not very good at clearing waves or Camps
  • Vulnerable to heavy CC abilities
  • Steep learning curve

In case that you don’t know how to deal with Genji and other backline assassins, start by choosing Valeera, and following these tips.

  • Valeera has a similar disappearing mechanism as Zeratul, so you must tell the difference between being stealthy and invisible. The second grant you a complete disappearance, while stealth will show your contours, and the enemy can use this.
  • Forget about using Eviscerate when you have less than three combo points. Simply put, the damage you create with one or two is not enough.
  • Sinister Strike has more than one purpose. No matter if you are running from the fight you cannot win, or evading Heroic ability, this one can get you out of tight spot.
  • Cloak Of Shadow is your best friend. It is a Heroic ability, but it has a somewhat low cooldown, so don’t save it for a specific Of course, see that it is not on cooldown before engaging.
  • Be careful about who is your target for Cheap Shot. Don’t waste it on already disabled heroes, aim for those who are close to escape.
  • An enemy hero is channeling his ability? Well, hit that E and show him how does it feel to be Garrote(d) and silenced.
  • Strangely enough (or not), Medivh cam counter Valeera without an issue. His scouting abilities will make you visible much sooner than you prefer, and in case that you manage to approach the target, one Portal from him will leave you empty-handed.

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