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Valla build guide

Although she doesn’t pack a shotgun and salt like the Winchester brothers from “Supernatural,” Valla is an efficient Demon hunter. Left to die in a ravaged village, she swore vengeance to all of the demonic kin. From Diablo universe, straight to Heroes of the Storm, I give you, Valla!

Hard-hitting, with insanely high damage output, Valla is one of the most potent assassins in this game. She excels in 1-on-1 battles, carrying two crossbows for faster shooting while staying nimble and unreachable. This Valla build guide will focus on all pros and cons of this hero, as well as giving you some tips on how to deal with the opposing team.

“Hatred must be tempered by discipline.

Valla, the Demon Hunter


  • Good in clearing waves of minions
  • Strong poke from abilities
  • Both of her single target and AoE abilities deal a lot of damage
  • Any team will suit her; literally any
  • She is equally strong in all phases of the game
  • Skill tree is also flexible, and there are a lot of ways to build her


  • Low HP
  • Prone to crowd control abilities
  • Has to position well to be effective
  • Often focused due to high damage output

Here are some tips to use, and to be as effective as possible while playing Valla.

  • Since Hatred gives Valla increased damage and movement speed, don’t let it wear off. Keep attacking minions, heroes and everything you can, to keep it stacked and ready for use.
  • High mana demands of Hungering Arrow will force you to either go back more often or to play less aggressively. Therefore, don’t waste it unless you are sure that you will hit an enemy hero.
  • Multishot can help you to clear waves faster and to put additional pressure on opposing hero. Just keep an eye out for the map; although you can avoid ganking with Vault, try not to rely on this ability too much.
  • Speaking of which, Vault can be used both offensive for closing gaps and positioning, or defensive, to escape tight spots.
  • Once the enemy team spends as much crowd control abilities as possible, hit them with Strafe. They won’t be able to interrupt it, and you will deal more damage this way.
  • Illidan and Zeratul are fast moving heroes, so keep an eye out for them. Their specialty is to close the gap fast, so ask your teammates for stun or slow, to deal with them more quickly.

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