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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Volskaya Foundry

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Volskaya Foundry

Besides making fantastic games, Blizzard also searches for different cultures and nations to be an inspiration for their titles. Volskaya Foundry sounds like it comes from the Russian language, and it is. In fact, it is influenced by backdrop from Overwatch. That’s what makes Heroes of the Storm an amazing game; not just heroes from other games are featured, but also landscapes found their place here.

About the map:

  • Size: Medium
  • No. of lanes: 3
  • Realm: Overwatch

Objective and tips:

When Russians are mentioned, it is either drinking competition or nuclear crisis, at least that’s what Hollywood movies are showing us. However, Volskaya Foundry steps out of that stereotype, which is excellent and refreshing. Here, it is all about Triglav.


In the old Slavic religion, Triglav was a god of war, birth, death and several other aspects. This blew my mind since Blizzard decided to mirror this story to this game, so we have a massive robot which influences the battleground just like the Old God.


Namely, after 3 minutes, one of three points will activate, and teams need to battle over the control of it. Contrary to some other maps, capturing a point takes quite some time, and it is a battle of endurance instead of skill.


Once the bar hits 100%, the team will be able to access the Triglav Protector. It is a huge, two-seated robot which works similarly to Cho’gall (or Jaegers from “Pacific Rim”). The first player to enter the Triglav Protector will control its movement and abilities which deal less damage. Also, whoever enters the Triglav first can switch to second or “gunner” place. This one is charged with causing damage and wreaking havoc among the enemies.


When it comes to our colossal robot over here (imagine that I’m standing in front of him in a lab coat, and I’m pointing with my thumb over my shoulder), he can deal tons of damage, or protect his allies with shielding abilities. Moreover, he is a fantastic duelist because of several skills which can root the enemy, or close the gap fast.


Volskaya Foundry also has something unique which no other map has. Namely, there are conveyors around the control point which move in a specific direction. This means that you will reach the point faster if you walk along it, or it can slow down enemies who are approaching against it.

Recommended heroes:

  • The Lost Vikings – this merry bunch of Nordic heroes can be a perfect choice on this map. A player can control Triglav and soak experience on two more lanes at the same time. This can have a devastating effect on the opposing team.
  • Lúcio – our DJ has some outstanding abilities under his belt suitable for this map. His strong heal in a later phase of the game is critical due to prolonged battles over the control point. Moreover, he is rather a mobile hero, which makes things worse for the enemy to hit him.
  • Blaze – think of this hero as of Batman. If he can have prep time, he will obliterate the enemy with ruthless efficiency. Due to the nature of the map, Blaze can prepare the ground at and around the control point, which will wipe out the opposing team. Add his insanely high armor and health, and you got an ultimate defender.

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