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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Warhead Junction

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Warhead Junction

As I said in my previous article, there has to be a nuclear-themed battleground in Heroes of the Storm. Although we don’t have Russians on this map, it fits post-apocalyptic world somehow and is placed in StarCraft universe. This is Warhead Junction, and prepare to blow your enemies to smithereens!

About the map:

Objective and tips:

The matter of glitched/rogue AI is well-known through the world of science fiction. Whether that be “The Terminator” or “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”, the story is almost always the same. The ultimate goal of the artificial intelligence is the destruction of human race.


Now, Blizzard altered this approach a bit. They made Adjutant the main reason for things being set into motion. Our mech head continued to do what it did earlier, spawning nuclear warheads throughout the map without control.


This is where the story gets away from the stereotype, as I mentioned. The Adjutant won’t directly kill an entire human race, but will instead just provide the means to do so. Speaking of which, duying is easy on this map, because, you know nukes.


Once you lock heroes and enter the battleground, there is a three-minute window until the nukes begin to spawn. A hero can hold only one nuke, and if the carrier is killed, the enemy can grab and use it to his advantage.


Note that all team members can have a bomb at the same time. This is not a standard “bomb the site” kind of play which is seen in Counter-Strike franchise. Coordinating attacks is vital due to this fact.


It is worth mentioning that Warhead Junction is a large map with little choke points. Mobile heroes will thus benefit from terrain the most. Also, those who can reduce the damage of the incoming nuke through shields are also a good choice on this map. Because of relatively large nuke reticle, not all heroes can escape from it.


Pushing a lane is the basis of this battleground, and try to balance between being trigger-happy and containing the nuke for too long. For example, a solo Fort is not a good target for a nuke, so save it for an area with more buildings and minions.


Also, if you feel that you cannot escape the opposing team, and you have a nuke in your pocket, use it on them. This way they won’t be able to pick it up after you die.

Recommended heroes:

  • The Lost Vikings – due to vast and open space on this map, TLV are a pretty obvious choice. Add that each of the Vikings can have a nuke, and you will understand why they can rain (a literal) Hell on their enemies.
  • Tassadar – few Supports can provide such robust shielding capabilities as Tassadar can. By cutting off a part of the damage made by a nuke, our noble Protoss has long-term influence which is surely not to be neglected.
  • Illidan – high mobility and above average damage potential are the main features of this hero. This alone is enough to quality Illidan as a great choice, but if you add his sustaining potential, you get one hell of a hero.

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