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Why playing hard can get you banned?

Why playing hard can get you banned?

HoTs Rank Play

Ok, so before you get all crazy on me, let me explain a bit.  So having a bad game or over charging the line probably won’t get you banned.  But, with the latest development update, in rank play it may get you penalized.

Let me  paint a picture for you…

Your on a team that you haven’t played with before and you’re top laning, soaking up xp.  You’re maybe even solo, and all of a sudden your bottom laner starts pinging the entire team to his or her aide.  You take a look at the map and the entire team mounts to bottom lane.  So, you figure you can stay home and continue to soak.

Then you start getting blown up over not rushing down there because they happen to be a higher rank than you.  You start getting that old “Report Them!” from that player.

Now look, I’m a team player and never want to see a teammate get taken off the map.  But how many times do you see a “High Ranker” ping everyone to protect that rank?

Playing Hard

God forbid you actually screw up and get sucked in to far or get aggressive with your play and try to get creative with it.  Bottom line is people are different.  I know that each person on the team has a role to play.  But what you think my role is, and what I think my role is just maybe different.

I’m not talking about going in and just trolling the game or going Kamikaze every time down the map.

I’m talking about going against the grain and actually trying something that may just work.  May not…

I just don’t know how AI is going to tell the difference.  And I truly hope the beginning players aren’t penalized for one time down the map, or going hard at an objective while everyone else hangs back.


Toxicity in the game is a real problem.  Everyone has their own plan for how the match is gonna go.  So unless you’re on a team that you’ve been playing with for a while you get a lot of this.

Now with chat, the communication between teammates is more and more critical.  One of the main things with voice chat is, No one uses it.

Especially in A.I. where the beginning players are being matched up.  You do get a lot of trolls on it which is something they’re looking into solving.

There really is no room for it in the game.  If you’re not there to hang out and have some fun and get after it then you really shouldn’t be playing in the first place.

In The End

You know I’m all about making the game better and more competitive.  But we have to have a way for beginning players to play with ranked players and not get ran off the map.  The bottom line is people have to work together and play like a team.  People screw up all the time.  Doesn’t mean you start reporting players left and right.

On the same note, if you’re a troll…  Then just go ahead and see your way out!




About The Author

Eric Davis

Gamer thru and thru. Started this site to get some good builds and some good info out there. I hope you find something you like.


  1. Sladjan Teodosin

    “But what you think my role is, and what I think my role is just maybe different.”
    AMEN! I’m sick of people who think that I should play as they see fit.

    • Eric Davis

      I know right! It really gets old fast. I’m welling to bet that stuff like that runs off a bunch of new players.

      • Sladjan Teodosin

        “Ooooohhh, you play Dehaka, you should be frontline now!”
        “What are you doing in those bushes, noob?”

        Just a few examples. 😉

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