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Zagara build guide

There aren’t many Specialists in Heroes of the Storm, but here’s one who can spread throughout the map. This hero comes from StarCraft franchise, and she is Kerrigan’s successor. She is future Queen of the Swarm, and this is Zagara build guide.

As I mentioned in my beginner’s guide, Specialists stand out by some factor in their gameplay. Zagara is excellent at sieging and clearing minions and Mercenaries. And spreads creep as well.

“The Swarm hears your command.”

Zagara, the Broodmother of the Swarm


  • Superb sustained damage at long range
  • Amazing at clearing waves and can easily solo Mercenary Camps
  • Can push lane and siege towers with ease
  • Creep Tumor is one of the best vision abilities
  • Decent poke damage and harass abilities
  • No map where she is weak


  • Poor mobility while not on creep
  • Susceptible to crowd control abilities
  • Looking after mana is essential
  • Not very good in burst damage
  • Her CC comes down to Devouring Maw which is not that impressive

In case that creep isn’t giving you the chills, you will want to try this hero. Therefore, here are some tips to master her as soon as possible.

  • Your greatest nemesis are two Protoss Assassins, Zeratul and Alarak. They have a great set of gap-closers and sport superb burst damage. In other words, if they come to you, there’s almost nothing you can do.
  • Creep Tumors need to be placed all the time. It gives vision, but you need to plan on where to plant them. Don’t put them in areas where the enemy can destroy it with AoE damage.
  • Baneling Barrage is intended for clearing waves, and it does so really good.
  • Similarly, Hunter Killer is for zoning, so that hydralisk will prevent the enemy to do what he had intended. Simply, it is the unit which can deal decent damage, and the enemy won’t be able to ignore it.
  • Infested Drop is useful for dealing damage at a distance, and because it will spawn two roachlings, it can be effective in soaking up the damage from Mercenaries.
  • You have only one shot with Devouring Maw, so don’t waste it. There is a “breaking point” in each team fight, and if you can determine when to use it, you can help win the battle.

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