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Zarya build guide

When was the last time you saw a Russian-speaking character in a video game who wasn’t a bad guy? With stereotypes out there, fine people from Blizzard took a step and made one hell of a hero. This time, I bring you Zarya build guide, which features the very best from Mother Russia.

Although originating from Overwatch, Zarya had found a place in Heroes of the Storm as well. Here, she is ranged Warrior who excels in protecting herself and her team from gruesome death. Now, add that she also improves her damage as the battle carries on, and you got yourself, one great hero.

“Give me your best shot!”

Zarya, the Defender of Russia


  • Doesn’t have mana
  • Pretty good shielding abilities
  • Basic attack is a line rather than a point; damaging several enemies is possible
  • Graviton Surge can set up a great base for follow-up from allies


  • Somewhat squishy early in the game
  • She doesn’t have any real CC abilities until level 10
  • Energy level defines how useful she is
  • Mobility is not great

In case that you wish to try this hero, here are some tips, to make a few first games easier.

  • Zarya isn’t one of those heroes who will fit just any team. I mean, yeah, she is a Warrior, but her playstyle and kit are making more of a Support. Therefore, see to have a proper Warrior on your team, such as E.T.C., Muradin or Chen.
  • You will have to know the opposing heroes rather well, which might take your time, especially if you are a new player. If not, see to predict when the opposing team will target one of your allies and shield him before
  • To give your energy a quick boost, activate Personal Barrier and let the tower attack you. Of course, don’t let it drain your health, just shield.
  • Since you lack mobility abilities, try to keep your distance and don’t dive into the fight. After all, Zarya is ranged hero, so there’s no need to approach the opposing team.
  • Since Basic attack targets a line, use this to damage as much minions or Mercenaries as possible. By doing this, you are maxing your damage output, which is essential in getting ahead of the enemy.
  • Expulsion Zone has a somewhat low cooldown, so use it as soon as it is available. Of course, setting it to the location where the enemy cannot go around will create space for split pushing, or keeping the opposing team away.

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