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Zeratul build guide

At the very beginning, I will give you a few minutes to think about more badass character than Zeratul.

Nothing? I thought so. By living in the shadows as the Dark Templar, Zeratul made his debut in StarCraft, explaining the culture of Protoss further. He might be lightyears far from Aiur, banished and cast away, but will be ready to give his life to protect it.

In Heroes of the Storm, he is played as a stealthy assassin, roaming the map and taking out opposing heroes who won’t know what hit them. Still, there are some tips about this hero, so here’s my Zeratul build guide.

“I deliver you onto the Void.”

Zeratul, The Dark Prelate


  • Outstanding burst damage
  • Cleave is useful in clearing waves
  • When not in combat, the hero is stealthed
  • Time-stopping Void Prison is excellent for initiating a battle
  • Superb ganker
  • Very mobile, due to Vorpal Blade and Blink


  • Not very good regarding sustained damage
  • Low health
  • Relies heavily on Wormhole, which is available at level 7

Since Zeratul is somewhat difficult to master due to his blinks and teleports, here are some tips on how to learn it faster.

  • If you need to clear a wave of minions or Mercenary Camp, don’t be shy to use Cleave. Its high damage will clear it in no time.
  • Permanent Cloak will not make you completely invisible. A sharp eye can still spot you since in this form Zeratul looks like it is made of glass. To truly disappear, stand still for 1.5 seconds.
  • Singularity Spike is great for initiating combat or setting up a gank. Use it to your advantage, since you will have time for a few basic attacks.
  • Blink teleports you, and since it has a long cooldown, you won’t last long enough to use it twice during combat. Therefore, save it as an escape tool.
  • Void Prison is great for either setting up a fight or splitting the enemy team. If it is possible, use it on heroes who are countering Zeratul, such as Varian, Arthas, Uther, Artanis or Sonya. Those who rely heavily on shields will do anything to spoil your day. Remember, you have high burst damage, but sustained one is not your style.
  • Take your time in adjusting to Zeratul’s style of play. Your primary goal is to move swiftly and strike backline heroes. Those rarely have shields which can counter your abilities and are squishy in general.

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