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Zul’jin build guide

How many times have you heard “Vengeance for Zul’jin!” while playing WarCraft III? That’s the line which is spoken by Troll Headhunters when you recruit them. Finally, we’ll see who this mystic warlord is. Welcome to Zul’jin build guide!


Played as ranged Assassin, Zul’jin brings Berserker mechanics to Heroes of the Storm. This means that while he loses health, he gains bonus damage and attack speed. This is perhaps a bit too much of a challenge for some players, and thus this guide.

“Let the killing begin.”

Zul'jin, the Warlord of the Amani


  • Can deal a lot of damage via Basic attack, or AoE burst damage
  • Has several abilities which improve range, which makes his positioning a lot easier
  • His Regeneration offers rather good sustainability
  • Taz’dingo! can tip the scales during teamfight
  • Can fit a lot of team compositions
  • Wave clearing can be decent through suitable builds


  • Vulnerable to ganks and heroes who love to dive
  • If Berserker is used too much, it will leave you with dangerously low health
  • Is targeted for team focus often
  • Blinded practically removes him from teamfights
  • Difficult to learn due to the high learning curve

Remember Garrosh? He gains armor while health is decreased, and this mechanics represents a bit of a problem for new players. Therefore, here comes tips and tricks part of this Zul’jin build guide.

  • There is usually one ability per hero which determines how good you are. For Zul’jin, it’s Berserker. Since it spends his health, it can be used to achieve higher attack speed. However, knowing when to activate it requires exercise, so don’t overdo it. This mechanics goes against instinct, since you will want to retreat. Suppress this urge.
  • The aim is also crucial for Zul’jin. For example, you will need a clear line of fire to hit the opposing hero(es) with Grievous Throw. If there are minions in your way, your setup will be wasted. Also, Twin Cleave has fixed trajectory and range. Therefore, some angling will be in order, to hit the heroes who are close to you.
  • When it comes to opposing heroes, Li Li tends to spoil the day with her Blinding Wind. Simply, if you cannot hit, you cannot be effective. Also, those heroes who dive a lot, such as Diablo, Zeratul or Kerrigan can shut off Zul’jin before he can react. Additionally, if they have some form of crowd control, it is almost sure that you will lose that fight.
  • When you are using Guillotine, take note that it has a slight delay period. Thus, try to anticipate where the target will be, in order to land a hit.
  • Although Regeneration is a fantastic ability, take a look around before activating it. Any form of damage will interrupt it.

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