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BioShock Infinite – First Impressions

BioShock Infinite – First Impressions

BioShock Infinite is a action-adventure first-person shooter. It features only singleplayer campaign mode with gripping story that lasts about 15-20 hours. Do note that this is not a review of the game! Instead I’m going to tell you about my first 3-5 hours of playing the game. Thus making you decide more easily if this is something that you want to dedicate your time to.

BioShock Infinite – The Master of Confusion

The game starts of with you, the main protagonist, Booker DeWitt. You find yourself on a boat in middle of nowhere with two of your acquaintances who’re rowing for the shore. In next couple of minutes exploring is your main task as you seek for something in an on first sight abandoned light house. It is abandoned till the moment you notice a dead body with a mask over its head. From that point on, the creepy atmosphere gets under your skin and you’re no longer alone. Ever.

Sightseeing The Heaven Columbia

BioShock Infinite is set in multiple locations. All being stunningly beautiful in its way. The main place of action will be city called Columbia. There, multiple faction rule, but one sensation is the most impactful. There’s no place for black people!
Even though the game is getting a bit old and technologically outdated it still stands its ground firm among all newer titles. Graphically it is a mix of sci-fi hand drawn images in conjunction with cartoonish color pallet. It seems like they got the perfect combiantion of both worlds. Since neither of styles seem excessive or over the top.

BioShock Infinite

Breathtaking isn’t it?

The main focus of the game

The main focus of the game lies at its story. Its written like a bestselling novel and not a game script. Talking about it while being just at the begging is unfair but I’ve read that a plot twist comes at the very end and that will take everyone by surprise. I can tell you that the main goal of intro is to find girl called Elizabeth. Two city factions clash over her but none gets her since it is your job to get her out of that mess. Later on you find out that she seems to have Medivh like powers to control and bend time and space.

BioShock Infinite


Overall feel

In the beginning the game seems to have a slow start making you walk around like a mad man is pursuit of something that even the main protagonist doesn’t know what it is that he’s searching for. However, after about an hour of playing the main gameplay starts off with you picking up some armament and going to town on over the head gore melee encounters. Along side that you’ll get your first couple of vigor abilities. This should keep you entertained enough for the story elements to grip you and make you play and enjoy the game at it fullest. I would certainly recommend everyone who’s interested in this game to try it out since it hooked me from the get go and shouldn’t disappoint. Now I can’t wait to finish writing this article and go back to playing so I can bring you the full game review of this masterpiece as soon as possible!

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