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Civilization VI – Best Civ for Every Victory Type

Civilization VI – Best Civ for Every Victory Type

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As you already may or may not know there are 4 ways of achieving victory in new Sid Meier’s game. Unlike the last game, Civ V, where there was no Religion victory, in Civ VI that is a viable option. Along side Religion victory there are also 3 more victory conditions that you can opt to go for. Those being Science, Domination and Culture victories. In this article we’re gonna be taking a look at individual Civilization that are better than all the others in reaching a certain win condition. However, do note that these are only my personal choices influenced by time I spend playing with those and all other Civs.

Domination Victory

Best Civ for Every Victory Type
Domination victory is achieved by conquering and holding onto capital cites of every other Civilization on the map.
This was honestly the easiest pick of them all. Frankly no other Civilization can come even close to Scythia led by not so well known Tomyris. This ‘nation’ can pick apart every other Civ’s military with ease as the Scyths get many bonuses towards Domination Victory. Main ones being +5 combat strength against already wounded foes, as well as getting an extra cavalry type of unit when you create one. Also all her units heal 50hp when they eliminate any other type of unit.

Science Victory

Best Civ for Every Victory Type
This victory condition has 3 segments that require completing in order to prove you global dominance. First you must launch a satellite, set foot on the Moon and last but not least you have to form a colony on Mars.
Unlike Domination, choice for ‘The Science’ Civ wasn’t easy at all. Two main contenders for the title were Russia and America. However, in the end I decided to go with Peter I as his nation gets interesting bonus. Every time Russia gets technologically surpassed by the any other Civ Russia has trade routes with, Peter I gets bonus Research and Culture points. Thus making him good for comebacks.

Culture Victory

Best Civ for Every Victory Type
Culture Victory is by far the toughest one to go for. For its completion a Civilization needs to have the number of tourists that visit your nation equal to the number of ‘home’ tourists from all other civilizations combined. So if you have 5 foes and each of them has 1 domestic tourist then you need to have at least 5 foreign tourist.
For this victory condition I opted to go with Kongo as the number of Great Artists that Civ is capable of producing is quite staggering. Another good choice would be China as well.

Religion Victory

Best Civ for Every Victory Type
This victory type is the one introduced to us in the latest release. Religion dominance is achieved when more than 50% of population (both your and your foes one) is committed to your religion.
In my opinion best Civ for this type of victory has to be India. Gandhi’s nation gets much needed faith bonuses that are crucial for this win condition. If you’re more into forceful spreading of religion then Philip II might be the right choice.

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