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Civilization VI – First Impressions

Civilization VI – First Impressions

A bit late but still relevant

The newest installment in the well known Civilization series, Civilization VI has been out for more than 2 month now. However, I haven’t had a chance to dive into the game in manner it deserves until couple of days ago. That was the time I decided to quit avoiding learning process of this masterpiece and clear the dust from it in my games library.

My first experience

First Impressions

Let’s hope there are no snakes in the game…

This article is all about telling you what my first impressions with the game were.
When I first booted the game I wanted to complete full tutorial for the players who haven’t had much experience with the last Civ titles. This was that big learning curve for me which took me around 45 minutes to steadily go trough. After that I jumped right into the singleplayer. The pure amount of game options that can be played with and tweaked is staggering. I went for the default difficulty level – Prince. Followed by choosing standard size of the playing filed, instead of the small sized map which is the default value. Last but certainly not least I had to choose between 21 different Civilization leaders. I opted to go with Cleopatra as she seemed the easiest leader for new players.

First 100 turns

First Impressions
The first thing you’ve to do is to establish your first city – capital. As I’m aware the starting position of your first Settler is the best one around for your main city. After that I scouted the area around, got to know some of others leaders in process. Luckily for me the first face I saw was the Teddy Roosevelt, who happened to be situated in the same continent as I. After meeting other Civilization chiefs I rushed to get another city. As Egypt likes having trading routes with others I focused all my efforts to establish as many traders I could and focused achieving Science as my victory condition.
The unexpected event took me completely by surprise as the Russian leader declared war on me without any reason. He suffered small warmonger penalty but for some reason Brazil and Aztec followed him. So by the end of the turn 100 I was in war with 3 other Civilizations.

What happened next?!

First Impressions
As surprising declarations of war were to me, it seemed that my defence was even more surprising to my foes. Pedro II went for my 2nd city and Montezuma tried to assault my capital. Both of them were intercepted my wild barbarians who unintentionally helped my defend my empire. After first couple of waves they came running to my feet begging for truce. In the end I made peace under my terms.

Current state of my Civilization

Right now I’m closing to 200th turn. In terms of victory condition I’m first in some of the aspects. Overall I’m still behind Brazil and other leader who I haven’t met just yet. Currently I’m preparing an assault on independent trading city, which should bring me closer to top.

My thought so far

Being only 3-4 hours in I still can’t say for sure if the game is worth the asking price. However, I truly believe it is as there’s nice mod support and official expansions are rolling. Only time will tell if the game will be as fun and entertaining as it currently is. But my first impression is good as it get!

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