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Counter-Strike GO Still Slaying

Counter-Strike GO Still Slaying

[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]his is the 3rd huge remake of Counter-Strike launched publicly. It even got a 2D variation that works in much the same method with multiplayer and all. Counter-Strike 1.6 (along with its previous variations) is the one game that put Valve on top in multiplayer gaming and still is among the most played online video games of all time, if not the most played. Not too bad for a game put out more than 10 years ago with no brand-new content for quite a while.

Valve’s Steam Winning Combination

The fact the initial Counter-Strike remains among the most played video games on Valve Steam and, perhaps aside World of Warcraft, the video game that gathers the most players every day offers us a little to no insight on how this video game works. Significant online games like Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft are updated frequently, and it’s simple to state that if these games received the treatment Counter-Strike has actually gotten these recent years– no treatment at all– they would not be this popular.

counter strike gameplay

So exactly what makes Counter-Strike so popular and sought after? Its gameplay, obviously. It might have remained in its release however in today’s standards the initial release was not a pretty princess in any way you look at it, however the solid, responsive gameplay remains intact. Shiny, snappy pretty video games might sustain a good quantity of popularity for a while, however exactly what makes individuals change a month playing a game then moving to another into a day-to-day basis experience goes much beyond that.

[quote_right]“Are we rushin’ in, or are we goin’ sneaky-beaky like?”

I read something that said making something basic complex is a worthwhile task, but making the complex simple is genius.  Counter-Strike might appear easy enough.  You make money from winning or losing (more if you win). Purchase the weapon you can at the moment.  Walk around killing the other team while attempting to accomplish the objective. If you get struck in the head you’re dead, if you take a couple of shots anywhere else, you’re dead, grenades deal enormous damage, engaging more then one enemy suggests you’re most likely dead too.


Counter-Strike GO to hard for you?

Counter-Strike does not go easy on the gamer. If you die you have to wait until the round gets to a closure so you can rejoin the team. If you find that tiring this game isn’t for you, if you discover it strange that when games nowadays do not offer regenerative health and longer periods of action, this video game isn’t for you. If you frequently get sad when you can’t go Rambo and dominate the whole team so you can gloat in the chat thinking somebody cares, this game isn’t for you.

This video game is team based and when not taken seriously doesn’t just indicate your group won’t win, it also suggests you’re screwed. One shot kills won’t be too far between, for the best or for the worst. This is what makes individuals come back for Counter-Strike, it’s a game that challenges the gamer and rewards high curves of ability. If you’re selecting this game for the very first and have not had much contact with first person shooters in the past expect to be dominated, started the nuts, spat in the face and get constantly punched in the gut. If you endure and learn the tiny bits there is to understand slowly, huge riches await.

This remake surpasses what Source brought. Source took advantage of the engine to update the graphics and a couple of hiccups from the original. It took a while but it eventually was up to general public’s grace. That’s the kind of obstacle a remake for this type of video game withstands. Typically individuals looking for a more casual experience will vanish after a while, however hardcore players may pick not to even play it considering that they’ve devoted a lot time on previous versions.

Is Counter-Strike GO the best?

No, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not as popular and played as both of its predecessors, and no it doesn’t suggest it’s a flop. Source went through the very same procedure and now it’s a well established video game. The neighborhood will grow into it as the time goes by. The graphics are not simply prettier, the total atmosphere was remade, in each of the maps.

Valve has an uphill struggle here.   They have to please the more modern PC users that are not equipped with 256 MB FX 5200 graphics cards any longer.  The mid-high end has actually changed a lot considering.  At the same time people are better equipped and more willing to have a much deeper experience graphically.  There are veteran players (also casual players that played the earlier versions) who will not accept some patterns in today’s gaming market. It merely will not fit Counter-Strike.

So you have to make something brand-new, while it feels old. It’s not as easy as it seems. All in all, I believe Valve has done a terrific job. They kept the basic Counter-Strike gameplay mechanics, they separated the secondary stuff and made it Casual and Competitive. Most Casual things are made easier, more focused on enjoyable. You don’t run into other players, you can’t obstruct and get obstructed by other gamers, there’s no friendly fire, there are less rounds to be played, less money earned from eliminating an winning and so on.

CS GO Game Modes

[quote_left][after the player shoots the first target] “Way to hit the giant wood target! You just saved democracy! [laughs] I know! We’ve all had to do these tests. Nice job, though![/quote_left]
On Competitive, the guidelines for official matches are taken in consideration with games with 30 rounds (at first it was 10 rounds for casual).  (They upgraded it and set it to 15 rounds), team crash switched on, complete cash made, friendly fire switched on.  In a world where not everyone is a Counter-Strike expert this mode can be quite annoying. Your team can be great however if one newbie lands on your team.  It can threaten things up with team killing, not a troll, simply a new man. Understandable but aggravating nevertheless. So the presence of these two main game modes are necessary.

Counter-Strike GO Walking Dead

Throughout Counter-Strike’s presence several kinds of game modes were produced unofficially by players, modes like Zombie modes, GunGames, Surf maps and such. Valve took GunGames, tore it apart  and incorporated into this brand-new variation as an official game mode. You begin “poor” managing pistols and mature as you go through shotguns, sub-machine weapons and rifles. You have to get a kill with the weapon so you level up, get yourself the right to use a better weapon and become one step better on winning the game. The last weapon utilized is always the knife, when you lastly manage to get a kill with it you’re the winner.

Counter-Strike GO Thug

Other comparable modes appear in the game other than the ones in regular rounds.  You gain these based upon how well you and your team are doing.  These new additions keep the game fresh. Not “just another re-release with much better graphics for easy money”.  The fact Valve really altered much of the maps is another thing that sets CS GO apart from what Source was. Out of balance maps like Aztec continue to be out of balance.  They’ve simply made them better with simple additions like boxes and such.  They updated Nuke recently with an update proposed by the neighborhood in an unofficially launched map.  Now Valve put the upgrade into the main map and added a set of stairs that connects the outside lawn with the 2nd bomb website.

Counter-Strike GO Maps

counter-strike global offensive maps

Maps that are naturally stabilized like Dust2 stay the same, simply aesthetically upgraded.  The very first Dust for example also has a set of stairs that links the terrace with the underground. Certainly something that makes the map a lot more attractive.  If individuals are just going to ignore the modifications, even if for the better.  Then keep playing 90% of the time in Dust2 with better graphics then it’s their problem and their choice. Valve has done what they could.  Even if we could use some brand new maps for a modification, maybe a map to dismiss Dust2? Who understands.

We Got New Toys

We get two new toys in the guns department. The two grenades, decoy and firebomb. If you’re playing the terrorist force you’ll have the Molotov Cocktail at hand.  If you’re playing the counter-terrorist side you have the incendiary grenade. Both are the same with various names and models. The decoy grenade gives off the noise of the user’s main weapon as an interruption.  Offering the opponent the illusion that he is firing. Certainly a lot more matched for competitive gamers. The firebomb, either variation, creates a circle of fire in a where ever it lands causing successive damage and slowing the opponent down.  Certainly a great addition especially for Counter-Terrorists to utilize as location rejection.

Counter-Strike GO Final Words

Counter-Strike Global Offensive thankfully remains as Counter-Strike as ever. CS GO has most of what made older versions great.  Of course more hardcore gamers may discover something to grumble about.  Stuff as ridiculous as “the M4A1 Carbine Rifle doesn’t feel as effective as it carried out in previous variations”.  But that anticipated from people who have method excessive time on their hands.  The fact is, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a deserving addition to the franchise.  For the price, a simple 15 dollars, it’s essentially a steal. Gabe Newell raises his hand whenever someone buys Global Offensive, and you ought to proceed and do it.

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