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Guild Wars 2 First Impressions

Guild Wars 2 First Impressions

Guild Wars 2 is a free to play massively multiplayer only role playing game (MMO RPG). It’s been developed by ArenaNet and published back in 2012 by NCSOFT. Since then the game has shifted its playing model to free to download. For a long time I wanted to hop in and see why did this game get such a high review scores across the board.
In this article I’m going to tell you everything you need to know when you just start playing or before starting the game. Do note that this is not even near a game review since I played only about 5 hours and I want to share with you what I learned from that spent time.

Introduction to Guild Wars 2

Right when you load the game for the first time you will have to create your character. The unique thing about this MMO RPG is that it has pretty developed story(s). First you have to choose your race, class, and story options that you think suit you. Your story depends on these choices. For my first character I choose hunter. Because of that I got to have pet. The first pet you choose to obtain isn’t really important. Yes, all of pets have different stars and skills but the game has system that allows you to get more pets just by playing the game. So yeah, there is an element – ‘gotta get the all’. The story presentation is captivating and unique for this genre.

Character creation

Character creation

Guild Wars 2

Great story presentaton

What’s next?

After you character creation your usual MMO RPG experience begins. Except, it’s not that simple. Instead of quests which are your best way to level up, Gild Wars 2 has a different approach to this subject. Instead of quest players are given ‘hearts’. Every region, and trust me there are tons of various and original regions, gives you a few ‘hearts’.

Guild Wars 2 Map

The map is absolutely huge

The map is absolutely huge. In the beginning every heart is empty. When you enter an area that is marked with a heart on the map, you get list of things you have to do to get that heart from empty to full. Once you do that a reward will pop up above your map.
This approach is different compared to other MMO RPG games but in the end it has the same function and it plays out the same.
Besides heart kind of leveling there is another way of doing that. Every now and then a dynamic quest pops up. Its usually kill this boss or protect this or that guy, but it’s much more enjoyable and you get to coordinate with a bunch of other players that happen to be in that same area.

Story quest done right

Story quest done right

Is there any end game stuff?

Since I only played for a few hours I didn’t really get to see much of late game stuff. However I did play PvP where I got completely destroyed because of my lack of skill but the game did up my level to a cap so we were playing under the same conditions. Even though I got melted by a lot more experienced players I did enjoy my time spent in PvP area. Besides PvP area I did notice that there is WvW time of match. I didn’t have a chance to play it since it requires a character to hit the level cap (level 80).

The PvP looks more than alive for a game that's 4 years old

The PvP are looks more than alive for a game that’s 4 years old

Looking good, looking good

For a game that’s 4 years old it does look breathtakingly beautiful. I found myself just staring into random stuff and taking my time to enjoy the atmosphere. All of the weapon models and skill effects are still on point which really brings up the immersion.

Guild Wars 2

Yeah, it’s 4 years old, some things just don’t age

Game model

The game is free to download, meaning that you can play the original game without spending money, or at least I didn’t. However, there is a price is you want to play the latest expansion pack, Heart of Thorns. Free to play model is restricted in some ways. For example a free to play player can only have 2 character slots.

Is it worth playing

If you are looking for a great MMO RPG to play, then you, for sure, should try out Guild Wars 2. It has everything that a MMO RPG should have and it’s content full. You can sink many hours without really noticing that it’s 5 am and you need to get up for work in an hour. In my opinion that’s exactly how a game should be.

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