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Enderal – New Elder Scrolls game?!

Enderal – New Elder Scrolls game?!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is nowadays considered to be a classic when it comes to well made RPG open world games. It was developed by no other than Bethesda Game Studios and released back in 2011. When it was first introduces to the players it was greeted with great joy and excitement.
Since then the game had several major updates. Including 3 content DLCs and an graphic assets overhaul. However, the game was always open to modding scene and since its release Skyrim has gotten many fan made mods. Which when chosen correctly can enhance or even alter the way you play significantly.


Enderal is by far the biggest and the best mod for Skyrim currently on the market. It was in development for a long time by an German team SureAI. Previously these guys brought us an complete overhaul mod for Oblivion (Nehrim) which was a great success. And they didn’t let down this time either.
Instead of rewriting and altering bits of Skyrim’s story, Enderal scratches it all and bring us a whole new game to play and world to explore.

Main features

Next to the story rebirth, there are also quite a few gameplay changes. For example there’s completely new leveling system. New radiation-like effect when you’re near magic emitting sources or when you’re healing yourself. There are also new sounds, visual effects, which are all up to date for today’s standards by the way. New world is built from the ground but it’s worth mentioning that it isn’t even close to the original world when it comes to size. But size doesn’t always matter. Or at least that’s what I was told…
Every quest is of course brand new and fully voiced in English or even German since the mod was first available in German variant.


Breathtaking, isn’t it?

What to expect?

Along side the features that I already mentioned, there are some more worth telling you.
The combat system is a lot different but at the same time really familiar and easy to pick up with a nice skill cap.
There also a ‘housing’ system. New way of to ‘skill up’ your character with some new and unique special abilities. Brand new spells, weapons, armors and change to looting system. There are much less junk items and items overall. So carrying too much stuff shouldn’t be a problem anymore.


Beauty does come with a performance cost though…

My impressions

After about 6-7 hours of playing I can say with great confidence that this could be the best mod for any game that I have ever played. The pure scale of it is breathtaking and knowing the size of their team is even more mind boggling.
I was stunned when I saw that NPCs could react to your actions in ‘approve’ or ‘disapprove’ manner.
However, the movement and combat capability of previously said is still as restricted and buggy as it was in the original Elder Scrolls V.
All in all I must say that this is a mod that could be released as a standalone game if it wasn’t build on Skyrim’s framework. So if you’re someone like me that’s saturated with the original game but would like to try something mechanically similar then Enderal is a must play.

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