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Overwatch Review

Overwatch Review

Overwatch Review 2

Blizzard is proving to to hit it out of the park with the release of the new shooter in Overwatch. And in typical Blizzard style the release comes with enormous background on all the heroes that you can choose to fight with.

We’ve been waiting for a while to see what Blizzard was coming with to follow World Of Warcraft and Titan. It looks like Titan has been put on the back burner at at least for the time being. They’ve really got something with Overwatch that could have us players putting in a ton of hours.

Blizzard Breaks The Mold

Blizzards lineup like, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone are geared towards a different niche in gaming. With Overwatch you start out with all the characters right out of the gates. Which is pretty sweet. That does mean that you’ll be paying retail for the game, which could suck for some gamers. But what I do like is, you don’t have to burn thru your cash to get characters.

Overwatch Heroes

overwatch heroes

Here is where Overwatch is solid. You have a ton of choices that are completely different. It almost changes the game when you start with a different Overwatch Hero. There is currently 22 heroes, all with different skill sets. It almost feels like each hero is made to counter act the other. We’ve got healers, snipers, builders, and tanks. We’ve got offensive characters and defensive characters. The choice is yours.

Blizzard has given all these Heroes background and stories. They just don’t start up when the game starts.

Probably the plainest hero would have to be Soldier 76, who is your Call Of Duty type hero. But even as plain as he is, they’ve still made him a lot of fun to play. And you get to know what his story is with cinematic video’s like this one.

Then you can get into the more difficult heroes like Hanzo and now Ana. So if you can possibly get bored with one hero, you can start all over with a new one.

Go to our Hero Guides to see all the tricks and info for each the Overwatch Heroes.

Overwatch Maps

Overwatch Maps

One thing that does bring Overwatch down a bit is the limited amount of maps. I’m sure they’ll be bringing out some new maps in the not to distant future. But for the time being, there are 12 maps. Which means that you’ll play each map a lot. Don’t get me wrong, the maps are all pretty sweet and all have their own challenges. Some heroes are stronger on certain maps than others.
Blizzard designed the maps to be lighter and more colorful in comparison to most shooters.
The maps and the varying matches all protect teams from people just playing protect the loot.

Yeah Overwatch is a team style game. You’ll still run into those that want to go out on their own and be that lone gun. But, what you’ll realize is that you probably won’t win much unless you learn to play as a team.

Overwatch Loot Boxes

Overwatch Loot Box

To be honest, the Loot Boxes are real random. You get some off the wall stuff sometimes, which may not be what you wanted. You’ll everything from new skins, stickers, phrases for individual heroes, and coins for advancement.

It is cool that you don’t have burn thru cash in order to get these upgrades for all the heroes. But like I said, they are pretty random.

Overwatch Roundup

Let’s bring it home sorta speak. Playing the game with players that either don’t have voice chat or are lone guns can suck. You have to play as a team or you really won’t be successful in the game.

Even with that, and the limited maps. To be honest, Overwatch is a fun game to play and will keep you coming back for more. The heroes and their different skills will do both, drive you nuts and fire you up.

There is tons of back log on the characters that will give them life to you. If you’re on the fence on this one… If you like shooters you’ll love Overwatch. Take a look at it and add it to your library.

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Theres a ton of write up on Blizzard’s Overwatch site about the characters and special offerings on the game.  Be sure to check it out.

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