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Paladins – Any Good?

Paladins – Any Good?

Paladins is a new character based first-person shooter. It’s being developed by the same team that brought us Smite. A unique and peculiar take on MOBA genre.

Current state of the Paladins

The game is currently in closed beta that started in November last year. Since then the game has changed drastically more than a few times. Everyone interested in trying out the game for them self can purchase the Founder’s Pack from the Paladins store thus getting instant access. The other way of getting the access is by signing up on the Paladin’s official site. Or by getting invited by friend.

Character based game

As I previously stated the game is character based meaning that the gameplay is a mix of first-person shooter and moba. Much like the Overwatch with some distinct differences. The core game mechanic of Paladins is the existence of card system. In that aspect the game also has some form of card collecting elements (CCG). For the last 8 months, since the game was put into closed beta that card system has changed numerous times. It’s not relevant talking about it because it will for sure completely change a lot more times because it seems that the developers do not know what to do about it. The main function of those cards is to replace ‘Shop’ from moba and moba-like games where you can buy certain items to augment your abilities and your play style in general. These cards do exactly that, except you don’t need to purchase them in match. Some time ago you could and ought to build a deck and then choose some of the cards from that deck while in match. All that as a level up bonus. This has changed a lot of times so as I said, no point in writing any more about that.


Card system


Overall the gameplay is smooth and fast with mediocre time to kill (TTK). The game has multiple game modes with payload, siege and survival being the main ones. Currently there are 16 playable characters. It seems that there are new coming every now and then. The latest one as of time of writing this being Viktor. In general there are 5 different classes and 7 playable maps. Every classes feels and plays out differently.


The game does look beautiful and a lot Smite-like

My thoughts

Even though the game is in closed beta it’s very polished, unlike many other beta games. In general the game can be gripping and enjoyable, especially when playing with friends. My biggest concern is that the game won’t have much of a player base since the game shares many of the mechanics with more popular Overwatch. However, Hi-Rez Studios seems extremely passionate about this game and so far they even organized a tournament – ‘Paladins Founder’s Tournament’. If you’re able to obtain a key to get into closed beta then my honest suggestion is to try the game out. It does have its perks over other similar games and might provide you with welcomed change and a breath of fresh air from playing other games.

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