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This is the Police – Indie Checker

This is the Police – Indie Checker

What is ‘This is the Police’?

This is the Police is a management type of game in which you, the PD chief, manage your forces and constantly keep balance between City Hall and Mafia. The ultimate goal is to gather your retirement fund, half a million dollars.
The story is based on your choices and is quite charmingly presented. Art style is kinda cartoonish mixed with comics-like touch.

A management game

This is the Police

The later puzzles get hell of a tougher

As I previously stated the gameplay is almost purely management driven with bits of clever puzzle solving here and there. Typically I’m not a person who enjoys these types of games but something about it caught my eye when I first saw it. So I decided to try it out and what I was greeted to positively surprised me.
This is the Police is really slow paced game that requires a lot of thinking and smart decision making. It can often be really intense and unforgiving which is not usually what you expect from a management game. But in the end the payoff if you make correct decisions is huge. That sense of progression towards a bigger goal is what keeps me wanting to comeback and finish the story of my protagonist.

Story driven masterpiece

Mafia and PD working together

Mafia and PD working together

In this game you’re in shoes of an 60 years old PD chef who’s been ‘clean’ his whole life. But he has just 180 days to make 500k dollars and retire peacefully as a free man. On that bumpy road he’ll meat all sorts of people, from mafia leaders to Mayor, Tibet priests, powerful individuals and – his mother in law. Along side your official business life you’ll have to manage your private life too. Every choice you make has an impact that you’ll feel, if not now and there then in close future. This risk-reward system is extremely engaging and gripping, for me being the best aspect of this title.


When you start the game you’ll be given X amount of unique police officers, all with their own little backstories that are on you to explore. They also have efficiency ratings, with 150 being average. Every emergency call you take will give you +5, +10 or -10 points. The higher the points count the better the cop is. Besides your cops there are detectives. They’re here to solve some bigger, not to obvious crimes via puzzle-like game. In that mini-game you need to assemble images in the correct order. Every image shows a scene from that crime. On top of managing your squads you constantly need to keep an eye on mayor, who’s probably the biggest criminal next to your mafia friends. Balancing these two from interfering with your retirement plan is a great task. This is the Police is so thoughtfully made that every mechanic can be used with great effect, and it’s all up to player to seize those possibilities.

An interesting story

This is the Police

What an excuse, at least you’re not an alcoholic like your wealthy friend

At one point in the game, when I just started, an peculiar person approached me. He was a wealthy businessman who made me an offer to hire his son. In return he would give me 3 spots for new officers and all of them would be founded by him. Knowing that I was short on staff I accepted his proposal. The very next day some bloke was in my A shift. He had 5 efficiency points. The lowest amount I’ve seen. So I was stuck there with that folk, who’s by the way an alcoholic, unable to fire him since he’s the son of that businessman. And I badly needed that spot for a more competent policeman. Next day an idea sprung to my mind! Let’s hire friends of my mafia friend to kill this loser. I set it all up. The assassination was supposed to happen next day at 10 am. So that day came, and on my way to my managing board I’ve got a notice telling me that he won’t come to work today. Furiated about that event development I totally forgot that I shouldn’t sent my crew to respond to an emergency call at 10 am. So, I sent 3 of my best guys. They all died. But the alcoholic showed up next day. Not all grim, right?!

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