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Superhot – Indie Checker

Superhot – Indie Checker

Superhot is something else. It really is. Genre wise you could say that it’s a first-person shooter. However, it’s much more than that. Superhot is a vision coming to life, it’s a form of artistic dream becoming reality.

An introduction to Superhot

As I previously stated at its core Superhot is an FPS. I was in development for quite some time but less than a 6 months ago it was released for PC (Windows and Linux), Xbox One and Mac OS by Superhot Team. Yeah, not quite imaginative name but doesn’t matter as long as the game is good. This indie should also see its appearance on Oculus Rift by the end of 2016.

Slice 'n' dice your way trough

Slice ‘n’ dice your way trough

What’s all of that fuss about?

Well, as I already said this is not your standard FPS, no no, not even close. There is only one main game mode for this game and that’s singleplayer with Challenge and Endless unlocked after you beat the story mode.
The core mechanic of the game is the way you play it. Every time you move, time resumes at speed that you’re moving. Every time you stop, time stops. This is fairly easy to understand and get going without much effort. However, this idea gets another meaning when there are multiple variables that you must consider before taking your next move. The easiest way to describe Superhot’s story mode is equating it with the movie Inception. You’re in multiple dimension at the same time. Or at least that’s what it seems at first glance. I won’t spoil you anything else about the story since it’s worth experiencing from the first hand.


Story is intense and nerve-wracking

Great time-killer

Since Superhot is all about the ‘time high scores’ after you beat the campaign you’ll be able to to play Challenge and Endless mode where you take on x amount of enemies and try to beat your previous score. The replayability is endless, no puns intended, and it makes Superhot great time-killer-filler since it doesn’t take much effort for it to be fun and enjoyable while still being able to quit when you want.


Smack Smack

Overall the game is really something new and unique on a market that is saturated with unimaginative, dull and already seen games. It is my biggest recommendation for all of you that crave for the game that thinks out of the box!

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