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Turmoil – Indie Checker

Turmoil – Indie Checker

In this article type, Indie Checker, we’re gonna be taking a look at small not so known indie games. Every game we write about here has quality but needs more publicity. All of the games will be our top indie picks!

What is Turmoil?

Turmoil is a classic simulation-resource management indie game. It was released a month ago but as I’m aware it was in playable in an early access program. It was both developed and published by Gamious, the same team that created iO back in 2014.


In Turmoil you start of as an oil hungry 19th century man. There you’ll need to fight over land and choose wisely in seek of oil rich land.
At the start of every campaign you start of in a small town with a few building and the Mayor building. That’s your main HUB area where you go back after every expedition. The game is centered around upgrade progression system. Because of that every success in your journey for oil seems impactful as it grants you X amount of money that you can and will spend on upgrading various pieces of equipment. One cut of your incomes you’ll need to spend on getting the land you want. Sometimes you’ll need to fight over a piece of land between 3 of your rivals that seek the same fortune. Once you get all of the upgrades that you want and land to search for oil on you can save the rest of the money or spend it on hints and deals in saloon.

Turmoil HUD

HUD area

Basic stuff

Once you get your piece of land and go on an expedition you’ll see that on each side of your land there are Right and Left Inc. There you’ll be selling all of the oil that you excavate. The main aspect of the game besides finding the oil via various methods is to choose your Inc. correctly. You do that by observing the oil sell price fluctuations and with right timing when to sell. First expeditions last for 3 months if I remember correctly with some of the later lasting up to a year.
Once your expedition is over you go back to town with your earnings that you spend on upgrades. That’s pretty much it in terms of game mechanics. There are 3 continents where you can mine, with one in the middle being exclusive to only one person that bids highest. In this land that you mine on besides oil there can be diamonds that are worth significantly more than oil and some gas pockets that can really mess up your early game if you hit one. Or can help you by speeding up the time for pump to get the oil to the surface.

Turmoil gameplay

Main aspect of the game

Great mind rester

Turmoil is great for everyone that want to enjoy and relax while playing games. The gameplay should be something that you can stress about but there are some instances where you’ll need to wake up a bit and try to pump out as much oil as you can. In the end the game is easy to pick and quite rewarding up with some interesting and gripping progression system.


All of the zones

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