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HoTs Hanzo Build

Score 62%

Hanzo Build Guide

Hanzo Abilities

Hanzo is a warrior that was brought to the Heroes of the Storm from Overwatch.  His body size and bow have been increased on purpose especially for the Heroes of the Storm. Hanzo is a powerful master assassin who feels the most comfortable in the wilds.

Nexus is Hanzo’s training ground where he wants to confirm himself as a warrior. Hanzo’s superior advantage over other heroes in the Heroes of the Storm is his attack from a distance. He uses the environment to his advantage, his greatest power is released in a combination of several natural abilities. Even his basic attack is pretty good from a distance.  He basically uses piercing arrows to hit any nearby enemy.  Let’s take a look at Hanzo’s abilities that distinguish him from other heroes.

 Natural Agility

You can use this unique feature that most other heroes do not possess. Hanzo uses his Natural Agility to jump over structures and escape from enemies. This ability is useful when he is in range of a wall. A shortcoming of this ability is that it is only useful where there are walls and structures.  It really is not the best ability to use on an open space.

Storm Bow

His Storm Bow is his main weapon. It is best to use it when it is hard to predict the path of the enemy.
Due to the fact that the arrow travels in an arc, it is better to aim a little bit above the target. It is best to use this ability from a safe distance. Range increases if it is channeled longer. Hanzo doesn’t lose this ability when moves.  You’ll be using his Storm Bow all match, just spamming enemies.

Scatter Arrow

Scatter Arrow is not very powerful unless it is used several times in a row.  Arrows spread in different directions and show path before they are fired.  In order to be effective, the arrow has to be aligned at specific angels.

It is not effective when the enemies are nearby, as they can walk past the arrow.

You don’t want to use this much in tight spaces. The arrow can split into five arrows that travel extra distance. It is important to take into consideration that arrows fire off at a perpendicular angle.

This ability requires careful positioning of the arrow.

It’s kinda hard to get the hang of.  You have to postion it so it will bounce of walls for max damage.

Sonic Arrow

Sonic Arrow provides Hanzo with additional vision and grants vision in a large area. Sonic Arrow flies in an arc and damages in a tiny radius. Both, Sonic Arrow and Scatter Arrow will be of use when entering vents or bushes.

When Sonic Arrow hits the ground, it produces many sonic pulses for a slight moment; then all enemies that are located nearby can be seen in red.

On the downside of this ability is that it travels extremely slow.

Dragon Arrow

You can create some serious damage with this Heroic ability.  It fires arrows on an unlimited range in a target direction and arrows explodes when they hit the enemies.

It is only useful from a distance. The power of the arrow increases with the distance traveled.  These explosive arrows will do enormous damage when you’re able to hit an enemy hero.


The DragonStrike allows him to fire an arrow that consists of different spiraling twin dragons, spirals of the arrow fly straightforward and damage enemies. Dragonstrike can pass through barriers and surfaces.

The best way to use this ability is when the enemies are locked in a tight space and have a slight chance to escape. In order to cause extreme damage, it is better to combine it with other abilities that prevent movements.

Despite great natural abilities of Hanzo, he has his weaknesses.

Among these weaknesses are his limited usefulness of basic abilities and slow attack speed. The best way to overcome.  Hanzo is to bring him to an open space where he can’t use natural agility to escape. Nonetheless, Hanzo is a great warrior and his arrows always find their target.

Hanzo Q or W Build

For the newbs that means what ability do you build towards and the Q and W are buttons pushed for that ability.  So you’re building towards his Storm Bow Or Scatter Arrow.

Considering how fast Q travels, hitting fast Heroes really isn’t that difficult.

Here’s the deal, with Q you can consistently tag enemies for high damage every 4s.A

At level 16 w/ Flawless Technique even more so.  So you can apply some real pressure on the enemy backline due to the gain in his range from the 1st part of Target Practice.

The Scatter Arrows cannot travel over walls which really sucks.  So you’re constantly just firing at walls for the bounce.  And It’s just far more unreliable than just absolutely spamming Q.   And those 2 extra arrows at level 1 don’t do anything to compensate for its weakness.  It really just makes it a little better in situations where it’s already pretty good.

Target Practice at level 1 over Simple Geometry is an absolute must for this build.

Let’s be real for a sec…  You can make any build work!  Sure they have buffs and nerfs coming out all the time.  But building the Hero to how you play them is the ultimate ticket.

These are really just some suggestions that will get you used to playing Hanzo.

Hanzo W Build

Scatter Arrows are his greatest asset.  Why not build around it?

Hanzo Q Build

He’s a Ninja for Christs sakes.  Use that storm bow to its fullest.  (Recommended)

Hanzo Basic Build

Hanzo is a very ranged hero.  You don’t want to get in the face of other heroes.  You want Target Practice.

Hanzo Redemption Build

Get a little Redemption right from the start mixed with some Dragon’s Arrow.

Hanzo Hybrid Build Gameplay Video



Master Assassin I know what you're thinking... 62% WTF Well thats what you get when you total his score up in the four fields. Doesn't mean that he couldn't be one of the most dangerous Heroes in the nexus. In the right hands this ninja could cause some real havoc.

Complexity (Not Easy To Master)

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