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HoTs Valla Build Guide

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Valla has always been a tier one pick by far. She is one the most damage dealing champions in Heroes of the Storm and her abilities synergize perfectly with her auto attacks, on which she is highly dependent on. The amount of damage that Valla has is second to none.  In fact, she’s got a lot of Hanzo without the down side.

There are not many heroes in Heroes of the Storm that possess the amount of damage that Valla does. In fact, one of the most striking feature of Valla, that makes he one of the most powerful auto attack carry heroes is her ability to sustain damage, which means that she can stand in the middle of a fight, kill the enemy team and still take less damage.

Yes, there is possibility where she has to worry about taking multiple shots which might critical strike her, dealing a burst of damage, but her auto attack damage, starting from level 1 itself is going to be pretty significant. Being she has auto attack, it makes it simpler to master Valla. She also has a lot of mobility which she can use to close gaps and get out of situations which can prove dangerous for her.

Valla is super squishy but her movement speed allows her to sustain in the laning phase and gives her the edge she needs to farm minions and build into a stronger level 4 hero. She is not a very effective laner but relies heavily on last hit.

Valla TAlents


Valla’s passive is Hatred. Hatred grants a stacking buff on every successful attack that Valla makes on the enemy. These stacks increase Valla’s attack damage and movement speed. Her first ability is HUNGERING ARROW, which is her Q. Valla shoots a projectile in a straight line which deals damage to the first target it hits, and then seeks out two additional targets. If there is only one target available, it can deal damage multiple times.


Her W is Multishot. Valla fires a bunch of arrows in a cone directly in front of her, damaging enemies on first hit only, regardless of distance.


Valla’s E is vault. This is the only ability that gives her mobility. Valla dashes to a target location. This can be effectively used to dive in team fights and to disengage from trades. This ability does not allow her to jump over terrain.



Valla’s first heroic move is Strafe. This is a channeled spell that allows Valla to attack enemies rapidly within a circular range. The attacks prioritize enemy heroes and then minions. During strafe, Valla can move as well as use vault to keep her ability from being interrupted in between.

Rain of Vengeance

Her second heroic ability is Rain of Vengeance. Valla casts a shadow that falls upon the enemy in a straight line, damaging them and briefly stunning them. The shadows rain twice upon a single cast of the spell.

Basic Build Ideas

Every 10 Hatred stacks grant Valla a movement speed bonus of 20% and Valla gains 4 mana per second. This is a good level 1 talent to rely on, especially when you should be stutter- stepping and kiting big enemy heroes away. The mana regen allows Valla to avoid most of the skill shots made by enemy heroes and allows her to sustain as well as inflict more damage at early levels, without depleting her mana and dying.

Punishment increases the damage of multi-shot by 4% per hatred stack. For this, you need to stay at max hatred stacks for maximum damage, which can be difficult under certain scenarios but is usually easy to achieve and sustain.

Arsenal boosts your multi shot talent by shooting three grenades which deal 120 damage and every grenade that hits a hero reduces the cool down of multi shot by 2 seconds, which means that the more targets you hit, the more often you will be able to use your multi shot talent.

Death Dealer increases your damage bonus from 6% to 14% per hatred stack, which is a very huge bump if you are on maximum stacks. But the only condition is that you have to kill the enemy hero, upon which the mana cost and cool down of Vault are refunded. This ability can practically make you invincible, if you know your way around Valla.

Valla Q Build or W Build
Depends on the map really.  You can make it work either way. Multishot or (W) build is a real strong longer range poke, Valla’s Auto Attacks hurt quite a bit on the regular. It’s also a lot safer  than an Auto Attack build to get done. Hungering Arrow or (Q) build on Battlefield of Eternity for Immortal racing.  I also lean that way on Haunted Mines to burn down the Golem and to speed up skull gathering. You could make a case for Infernal Shrines. As well to defend the Punisher, but I think clearing the Shrine and actually getting the Punisher yourself is better.  So W build wins out there. There aren’t many times that an AA build outvalues W or Q build.  If you feel you wanted you could go Manticore at level 16.  It’ll give some extra punch to your AAs instead of Frost Shot or Seething Hatred.

Valla Q Build

Standard Q build that torment enemy Heroes all day long!

Valla W Build

More of a crowd pleaser.  Share the Wealth with a side of Hatred.

Valla Hatred Build

Drink your hateraide and get after it!

Valla Stormy Build

Storm of Vengeance is brewing.



Demon Hunter Valla witnessed the force of hell spawn firsthand as the demons trashed her village and left her for dead. She has no one left to call her their own. She only has the need to rid the nexus of the demonic filth.

Utility ( Not so much)
Complexity (Pretty easy to get the hang of)

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