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Blizzards Sets Crosshairs On Overwatch Cheaters

Blizzards Sets Crosshairs On Overwatch Cheaters

In less than a week after Overwatch launched, cheat programs started to sour the scene on PC. Although Blizzard has been dishing out some severe Overwatch bans, it wants to end the issue by going after the source.

Watcher Tyrant is the  latest smack down of the developer’s anti-cheat aspirations. This popular cheaters tool boasts a variety of probably harmless features.  However the one users use the most makes opponents visible at all times.  Both on radar and from level geometry. We really don’t have to detail much on how this benefits the user.

Blizzard’s lawsuit accuses Watchover Tyrant developer Bossland Hacks of “copyright infringement, unjust competition, and breaking the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision”, according to TorrentFreak’s report.

The lawsuit argues Bossland Hack’s freelance designers have infringed Blizzard’s copyrights, by unlawfully accessing games like Overwatch and developing derivative works– such as Watchover Tyrant’s overlay.

Blizzard puts cheaters on blast

Blizzard says Bossland Hacks understands it’s breaking Overwatch’s EULA since it announced it would improve its tools when Blizzard banned those Overwatch gamers found to be using Watchover Tyrant.

Bossland Hacks may have earned millions of dollars.  Blizzard’s legal group claims, and the developer is looking for payment for potentially 10s of millions of dollars of earnings.  These earnings may have been lost due to the sale of Bossland Hacks products in the US.  (Bossland Hacks likewise makes World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storms cheat tools).

In addition to punitive charges.

Blizzard has actually taken Bossland Hacks to court before.  The company has up until now averted all lawsuits hurled at it.  It’s in the middle of ten ongoing cases in Germany, understandably. Talking to TorrentFreak, a representative said Bossland hasn’t been informed of this lawsuit yet.  Which a California court has no rights over the purely German business.

So, if you’re using any types of cheat tools… Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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