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BlizzCon: Day 1 Recap

BlizzCon: Day 1 Recap

Hearthstone’s new expansion revealed

Like many of us predicted the newest expansion for Blizzard’s popular card collecting game, Hearthstone, has been officially announced. For the last couple of days we’ve been teased by numerous newspaper articles writing about Gadgetzan. It’s interesting that Blizzard decided to go back to roots of one of first ever expansions for HS.
Latest addition will be named ‘Mean streets of Gadgetzan’. As we’ve found out the whole plot of the expansion will be around 3 ruling gangs of Gadgetzan. Every gang ‘controls’ 3 different Hearthstone classes. The card sharing system will focus around these gang families. Meaning that 1 card for a specific gang can be used by only 3 different classes.
These gangs are:
Grimy Goons: Hunter, Paladin, Warrior
Kabal: Mage, Priest, Warlock
Jade Lotus: Druid, Rogue, Shaman

BlizzCon Day 1 Recap

Beautiful Blizzard style artwork

Already one of new legendary cards has been revealed. It’s the legendary that belongs to Kabal family – Kazakus. Hi’s a 4 mana 3/3 that can create custom spells if there aren’t any duplicate cards in your deck. When creating these spells you can choose their mana cost as well as 2 random effects. The higher the mana cost the stronger the spell potentially is.

Quater final results

The first day of BlizzCon was also the quarter finals day for HC Championship. Spoiled results up ahead:
-Jasonzhou vs Hamster 4 – 2
-Amnesiasc vs Pavel 3 – 4
-che0nsu vs Cydonia 4 – 1
-HotMEOWTH vs DrHippi 0 – 4

Overwatch welcomes its newest hero

The last couple of months Blizzard has been building up the hype about infamous Sombra. Many ‘leaks’ and teasers were flowing around Overwatch related forums. And all that just so we can finally get a first look at her on BlizzCon. We’ll also be getting 2 brand new maps as well as 2 new arcade mods, 1v1 and 3v3. On top of all that the Overwatch competitive scene seems to be heating up…

Short preview of Sombra

BlizzCon Day 1 Recap

Sombra’s ultimate

Sombra’s the latest offence aimed utility character. Her primary weapon is the Tracer looking SMG. The damage of it seemed kinda low at first glance but once headshots started dropping the damage escalated quickly. Her passive is the ability to see all enemies who’s health is below 25% trough firm objects (walls included). Sombra also has the ability to silence all abilities and deployables (including health packs) of an enemy hero. Her ultimate ability does the same thing just in an big, hemisphere radius. She can also throw a triangular looking object to which she can warp to after it lands. All in all she seems great for countering other specific heroes. And in a game where switching characters on the fly is encouraged, Sombra feels very welcomed.

Other announcements

Besides Hearthstone and Overwatch, StarCraft and Diablo will also be getting their expansions.
Unfortunately the new Diablo game hasn’t been announced, but the remastered portion of an older Diablo game will be finding its way in Diablo III. Along side that the new class was also showcased and it will of course be the long awaited Necromancer class.
StarCraft II will be getting the new Nova mission pack and DeepMind project will use StarCraft II to make a better A.I. that someone thinks could challenge even the best player in the world.

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