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Cities: Skylines’ next expansion, Industries, launches on October 23

Cities: Skylines’ next expansion, Industries, launches on October 23
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Cities: Skylines announced its next expansion today, Industries. It is coming to the city-building simulator on October 23. It will cost $15.

Cities: Skylines launched for PC in 2015, and console versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch followed. The game was able to find an audience after the 2013 version of SimCity disappointed fans of that franchise with its always-online requirements and limited city sizes. Cities: Skylines became the attractive alternative, and a constant stream of expansions have kept the game fresh.

They also keep giving the game a way to make money. Industries will be Cities: Skylines’ ninth expansion. It is the second one to come out this year, following the May release of Parklife.

As the name suggests, Industries will focus on, well, industry. You’ll be able to create factories and manage supply and production chains. You’ll also get a new mail system, along with a new cargo airport.

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