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Doom Demo

Doom Demo

Overture before new Doom

I wanted to start of this article by writing about original Doom and what it means to modern day first person shooters and games in general. But then I thought should I even bother? Who haven’t heard about this giant that Doom was, is and always will be? Just because of my love towards that behemoth I’m going to give a quick overview of what Doom (1993) is. Maybe this educates younger generations and teaches them that not everything should be CoD.
Doom is apocalyptic horror-themed first person shooter. One of the first ever created. It was developed by non other than id Software back in 1993. It introduced some of the key game elements and mechanics that shaped the future of FPSs. And all the other games in general. Two amazing features brought by Doom were multiplayer co-op gamemode and deathmatch mode. Along side that it had full ironed campaign with fast gameplay being one of the selling points of the game.

Worthy successor is born!

A little more than a month ago new Doom game has risen. It was greeted with scepticism since no one wanted their childhood memories to be ruined by a not so perfect game. It had to endure burden of his predecessor and carry it into already sky high glory of game industry. Luckily it did just that. Not too long after the release all major game reviewers stuck their claws right into meat of the game and saw that it is just as bloody and raw as the grandpa Doom was. Everyone was pleased with the results and new Doom got its well deserved title of being a worthy legatee.

What it brings on the table?

For all of you poor souls that don’t know what the game is all about here is a trailer to blow your mind.
Doom (2016) features fully flashed out singleplayer campaign as well as multiplayer mode. As of time writing this article it’s on Steam Summer Sale discount. If you’re not sure you’re gonna enjoy the game then you can check out about 30 minutes long Demo. It includes first story level with couple of different enemies, a starting pistol and a shotgun…
It has all the aspects that will go trough the entire game experience so it will suffice for you to make a decision about picking the game up or not. I played trough all of 30 minutes with my jaw hitting the ground couple of times and decided to get the game while it’s on a discount. No one is certain for how long the demo will be available so if you’re interested waste no time! The demo installation is 6 gigabytes but in era of most games being digital downloads it shouldn’t be to big of a problem. In my opinion it’s well worth half an hour of awesome. I downloaded it from Doom (2016) Steam page. Next to buy Doom sign it said Download Demo. After that the installation window popped up…

Doom Demo

On the official Steam Doom (2016) page

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