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Sony’s Big Surprises from E3 2016

Sony’s Big Surprises from E3 2016

E3 is a gamer’s best week in an year. From announcing video games to releasing another video game everyone is excited and relieved. Let’s take a look at the major surprise announcements made at this year’s E3 Press Conference. We are not covering everything from the E3 showcase but only the ‘surprises’.

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What’s at Sony?

What more does one want than a seat at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, with an orchestra playing before you between back to back video game trailers? Yes, they actually made goosebumps with that music, really!
That’s not all. While others showed some great game developers on stage, Sony showed another trailer or gameplay of another new video game. I’m correct back there, another ‘new’ video game! The theater, which was a perfect arena, showed off many new and surprising games and most of them exclusive for PS4. So in this article Gamer Prompt covers all the new and mysterious, yeah I would say ‘mysterious’ games shown by Sony at their E3 press conference.

1.) God of War

Oh gosh is it wonderful! Kratos story takes a big u-turn. Sony started its press conference with a haunted music and showing a kid. Yeah actually I thought it would be Last of Us 2 or something but some great woo came out from us when we saw his father. The gameplay showed Kratos and his son going on for a hunting lesson. Check out the gameplay below to get amazed if you haven’t yet. And hey! Kratos seems more peaceful here.

2.) Days Gone

This one’s an open world action-adventure game. Sony’s got an alternate for Last of Us this year I hope but the gameplay showed more action than sneaking past (guess what?) zombies! But this time you could defeat them, like I said, and please don’t think of any similarity with Dead Rising 4 (not that ‘selfie’!). But the game itself was a huge surprise for PS4 fans world wide. Sony actually showed a trailer and a gameplay for Days Gone. You could watch the trailer right down here, if you missed.

3.) Detroit: Become Human

Wanna play some Sherlock Holmes? And yes you can on PS4, but not as Sherlock Holmes. This time you can play as more than one detective or ‘androids’ as the game refer the man-like-robots. Its a neo-noir adventure where gathering clues and information is all that matters. So what if your current playable character died of your poor or good or wise decision? Never worry, the game shifts to another playable character and continues the story without your former player. Take a look at the detective below.

4.) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Who thought it wasn’t a gameplay of the next Outlast? The spookiest gameplay I have seen in years. Suddenly everyone stopped making voices at the Shrine Auditorium. There wasn’t even a glimpse of the orchestra. But a huge scream from a poor guy heard across the theater when something passed on the gameplay. Its the new Resident Evil. And please don’t expect ‘guns’ inside the game as per the devs but you can expect some other actions, maybe with a baseball bat or even our own hand, I don’t know. But they are going back to its horror-root. Take a look at the trailer, but be cautioned: have someone near you and be in a brightly lit room… Just kidding, its not Conjuring, after all, but might be more than that because you are ‘in’ the game, from the title to the credits, on Playstation VR.

5.) Playstation VR

Sony has set the release date for PSVR and that’s on October 13th 2016. You need to empty $400 from your pockets but that’s not bad because you’ll get to play about 50 VR games from the release date itself. A space shooter, Farpoint and a new Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing were announced for VR along with some other games.

6.) Batman Arkham VR

Who doesn’t like to be Bruce Wayne? You need to work very hard for that, I mean that billionaire guy! But you can be the Batman in Batman Arkham VR, exclusive for PS4. Take a look at the trailer below.

7.) A remastered Crash?

Any 90’s kid over here? You’re in for some special treat (nothing about Dory here). Crash Bandicoot, Crash 2 and Crash Warp is getting remastered for PS4. Check the trailer below.

8.) Death Stranding

A man walking towards the stage and the floor’s getting lit with his every step. This is not Michael Jackson but this is Hideo Kojima. The best woo from the attendees so far on that show. And Kojima didn’t leave without giving anything to the fans. The E3 reveal showed a naked Norman Reedus on a beach with a baby along with him. The game is still mysterious, other than the name ‘Death Stranding’ nothing else has been revealed about it. But myself like every other PS4 fans around the world really hope this game would have something which will make it stand out from the rest.

9.) Spiderman PS4

Another huge surprise and a second super hero video game for PS4, and this time from Insomaniac Games. You do remember Sunset Overdrive, right? That game’s physics and gameplay was totally amazing so we can expect that in Spiderman too (and some humor). Spiderman also didn’t reveal officially anything about it except that its not based on any Spiderman movie and its story circles around Peter Parker as well as Spiderman. But unlike Death Stranding, the quick and fast trailer did reveal a lot, I mean a lot. Check out the swing below in case you missed.

Sony’s showed surprises in high numbers, but they showed some other things too. Including a reveal date for The Last Guardian, a gameplay for Horizon: Zero Dawn, Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, Mafia III, Final Fantasy XV and Gran Turismo Sport.

After covering all of the E3 press conferences plus some daily shows from Xbox and Sony, I could say that both draws equal this year. What Sony lacked in the conference is completed by Microsoft and vice versa. Sony only focused on games, games and more games and its winning point is that ninety percent of the games shown on their press conference is a PS4 exclusive. But Microsoft on the other hand, included games and hardware and software too. From announcing two Xbox One consoles and some great software additions plus some great ever loving games, Xbox took the stage too.

Found anything else we didn’t notice at Sony’s e3 this year? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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