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Evolve – Goes Free to Play?

Evolve – Goes Free to Play?

Evolve is a asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer video game. Its been developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games back in early 2015.

The interesting gameplay mechanic

As I mentioned the game has 4v1 type of combat. It features 4 hunters that are in the same team. All having a first person viewpoint. At the same time they are fighting just one enemy. That being human controlled monster. The goal of the hunters is to eliminate the monster and the goal of monster is to evolve by eating small ‘trash’ mobs and get even more powerful. In the end destroying the hunters and winning the match.


It looks great

Any replayability?

Evolve is set on a planet called Shear and includes 20 playable hunters. All being divided into 4 classes. At the opposite end there are 5 playable monsters and all the classes and monsters play different from each other. All of this adds to replayability value and keeps the game fresh and every match unique. The skill cap is really high and the potential for esport is there.



<Evolve goes free to play

There were rumors circling the internet for couple of days that Evolve will change its playing model from buy to play to free to play. This was recently confirmed by Turtle Rock Studios. They also said that the bets will start July 7 and July 8 in southern hemisphere. Just to remind everyone that the Evolve was a highly anticipated game of 2015. However, all of that pre-release hype was shattered because of not too costumer friendly season pass. Nowadays the game has around 100-200 players on Steam. It’s considered dead for the long time. But as every transition of this kind, in regards to playing model, we aspect the player count to drastically increase. At least for first couple of weeks. The company also stated that everyone who bought the game while it was buy to play will be granted ‘Founder Status’. We still don’t have an idea how the company plans to earn money from this transition as there’s still no word about that. Also in this shift we ought to see some improvements to the game. Like changes to the UI, maps, tutorials, performance and loading times.

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