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FIFA 17 Players to Honor Deceased Chapocoense Players

FIFA 17 Players to Honor Deceased Chapocoense Players

The total heartbreaking accident of Chapocoense team made everyone stop and see how precious life is. While the Wembley, Allianze Arena, Eiffel Tower and Christ the Redeemer showed their mourning through the team’s green color light.

FIFA 17 players were given the Chapooense kit to use for their FUT matches.

Players can now show their support by using these kits on their Ultimate Team games.

Many have already started using them.

Chapocoense plane

The team before boarding the plane

The Chapocoense team was set to play the finals in the Copa Sudamericana Cup against their fellow Brazilian club, Atletico Nacional.

Until the plane they were traveling on crashed killing 76 passengers on board.

The Atletico Nacional team in the ultimate gesture of respect for their brothers gave the final title to the deceased team.

A moment of silence from the Gamer Prompt team for the Chapocoense team…

How would you be honoring the players in FIFA 17? Fill out your regards below..


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