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FIFA 17 Title Update 1.06- Brings Minor As Well As Major Changes

FIFA 17 Title Update 1.06- Brings Minor As Well As Major Changes

Those who boot up FIFA 17 now can find their title update ready to be installed. FIFA 17 title update weighs around 430MB on PlayStation 4 and 769MB on Xbox One. As the size suggests, we can only expect small changes. The PlayStation update notes listed the following two changes:

  • Addressed an instance where a substitute would result in a disconnect
  • General stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other online game modes

These were some things to be solved out since the substitution glitch was unbearable. I often got disconnected while trying to make a substitution in FUT. Other changes, I hope, would cover the online connectivity problems. Many players are facing problems in both FUT and in online Seasons mode, where they get stuck in the player vs goalkeeper session between every game and eventually the game freezes. This has happened to me and my friends for more than five or six times.

EA Sports haven’t released a patch note yet

Official patch notes haven’t been released so we could not say the specific changes happened to the game yet. However some PC players are reporting huge changes happened to their gameplay after installing the update. Player reports include:

“So, I noticed that my game play after the patch has changed drastically. It does not feel the same at all. “

“I noticed that my shots hit the post too often every game. Before this hitting the post is very rare. Also, I noticed that the goalkeeper is more OP and my defence feels awkward . Basically it feels like playing Fifa 16 after the patch.”

“I suck at FIFA 16 but this season I play very well before the patch. Am I the only one feeling this way? What other differences do you guys notice after the patch? I am just worried that I will flop and perform so bad for the FUT champ tomorrow.”

“Maybe just for me, but I’m curious what you guys think, a new update released today where they say they fixed a problem where the game would disconnect when making a substitution (although a 700mb update would probably included a whole lot of other things).”

“What I noticed: Players are extremely slow compared to how they were before. Players switching (with lb or right stick) is totally random, with the right stick, I point to a player on the right, it switches to someone on the left. with lb, it should switch to the closest player – doesn’t happen.”

“On defense, players just don’t do. they don’t run, they don’t even walk, they just stay there. they don’t tackle or cut passing lanes. if i get to the opponent’s box, it’s a sure goal.”

Without the official patch notes, we can’t specify the full changes.


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