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Grim Dawn Has Sold In Over Half A Million Copies

Grim Dawn Has Sold In Over Half A Million Copies

It seems that gamers around the world love Grim Dawn since the game sold more than 500,000 copies since its launch, in late February.
A note from Crate Entertainment, developer, and publisher of Grim Dawn stated that “With no outside investors or publishers, the financial success of Grim Dawn will remain with the studio and fund future projects.”
Grim Dawn The Hidden Path
The game entered Steam Early Access more than two years ago and finally got a full release a couple of months ago.
In other news, a new area for the game, called The Hidden Path is included in the latest patch. Aside from fixing a number of issues, the patch brings many mod tools and a digital copy of the world map. The full list of fixes can be seen below:

Major New Features

New Content: The Hidden Path. Venture down the elusive route taken by the followers of the Witch Gods and discover the secrets known only to their most loyal servants. Your journey begins near Lower Crossing, but requires some Dynamite.
The Hidden Path includes a wealth of new lore, 5 new bosses, a new dungeon, 3 new Monster Infrequents and 7 new Unique items.
The digital copy of the world map is now available to download on the Humble Key page, if you own that tier of digital content.

Mod Tools

Note: due to changes to GameEngine.dbr, modders who edited this file should update it in their mod to account for the new loot randomizer tables.
GameEngine.dbr edits in a mod will now properly override the default gameengine.dbr values when the mod is loaded under Custom Game
Exporter (.dlo) files are now available in the installation directory for 32-bit versions of 3ds Max 2009, 2011 and 2012
Flipped the condition logic for isDifficulty and LuaScript Quest and Conversation conditions so that they make more intuitive sense based on what the editors are displaying to the user (ex. LuaScript Test() = Epic used to check if Epic was >= to the current difficulty, now it checks if the current difficulty is Epic or greater)
Maximum number of masteries increased from 10 to 30.
Maximum terrain size in editor reduced from 256×256 to 128×128. Existing large terrains should be unaffected.
Fixed a bug where skills would not load correctly in mods.


Male PC has undergone foot surgery, resulting in slightly smaller boot sizes.
Fixed radial critical WeaponPool skills activating their own damage on non critical attacks.
Fixed ChargedFinale WeaponPool skills using up twice as much energy as intended.
Skill Modifier tooltips now include their base skill offensive modifiers in their calculated damage.
Fixed dialog popups not scaling properly with UI scale.
Fixed a bug where feared monsters would flee incorrectly.


Improved the ability for multiple pets to engage Bosses, Heroes and Nemesis Bosses.
Increased the drop rate of Ectoplasm, Chipped Claws and Kilrian’s Shattered Soul
Reduced boss and hero resistance to Life Leech effects
Reduced Damage over Time effects applied by monsters on Elite/Ultimate difficulty
Reduced Leech Resistance on Obsidian Defilers to 100%, so that it is susceptible to resist reduction
The Something for Nothing and Flesh and Iron quests have been redesigned
Removed, or added additional spawn locations to, static Treasure Trove locations that were missed in
% Total Damage multiplier now only affects damage stats and no longer modifies non-damage effects such as % Damage Converted to Health, % Resistance Reduction, Armor Reduction, etc.
Reduced the burst potential of certain poison abilities used by heroes and bosses (ex. Gastris, the Foul)

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