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Hearthstone: Karazhan Confirmed

Hearthstone: Karazhan Confirmed

Karazhan or One Night in Karazhan as it’s really called is the latest adventure for a popular CCG – Hearthstone. At itself it’s a 4th adventure bringing us a lot of new content.

Everything you need to know about One Night in Karazhan

Couple of days ago, Blizzard hinted players about new content coming to HS. Only couple of hours later first speculations started circling the internet. Many suggested that this new content will be related to Medivh and one of the most popular WoW raids – Karazhan. Yesterday, around 11, Blizzard went live on Twitch revealing us that the internet was right again.
Indeed, on 11th August we’ll be getting first of four wings for One Night in Karazhan adventure. Every 7 days from that day new wings will be released until there are 4 in total. Also, they said that there will be a special wing called The Prologue, which will be available for everyone free of charge. The Prologue should let you experience what’s this new adventure all about and if completed with success it will grant you 2 brand new cards – Enchanted Raven and Firelands Portal.
Every wing can be purchased for 700 gold or for $6.99 USD. If bought as a complete set, the price will be discounted.
If you buy a complete adventure withing the first week of release you’ll receive a special card back.

New Cards

As I already said there will be exactly 45 new cards. Some of them were revealed yesterday on stream. So far we know what 8 of them should do. More cards will be revealed as we’re approaching the release date. The unique theme that surrounds every adventure previously released is present once again. It seems that this time it’s all about partying in a hotel where Medivh goes missing. One of two so far known legendary cards carries the theme of all races gathering at one place – Karazhan.


Kinda disappointing legendaries so far


Yep, more removals for Mage

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