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Hearthstone – New Shaman Hero

Hearthstone – New Shaman Hero

Hearthstone is by far the most popular card collecting game on the market. Since it was released it appealed to many gamers all over the world and now it has the biggest fan base of all CCG games.

New patch

Every now and then we get some really exciting updates and this one is just that. Like every month, if you’ve achieved rank 20 in competitive play you’ll get a brand new card back. Doing that is simple and since loosing a game won’t take away ‘star’ from you it makes new card back accessible reward for every player. This months theme are murlocs thus card back is watery and summer like.
Also there were some bug fixes and minor changes that do not effect card stats. For example, one of the most annoying things for me is when after a game that I played ends, experience bar would fill up again even if I was already max level with that hero. From this patch on that won’t happen anymore. Also, if your opponent disconnects and then joins again, he won’t be referred as an ‘UNKNOWN’ player anymore. Instead, he’ll have his usual BattleNet name.

Hearthstone New Shaman Hero

New card back

The fun stuff

The new big addition to the Hearthstone universe in a brand new Shaman hero. He’s also murloc themed. It’s of course Morgl the Oracle, the wise murloc Shaman. The bast thing about him is the way you can obtain Morgl. You won’t need to spend a single dime since you unlock him via refer a friend system. You need to send an referral link to your friend who haven’t played Hearthstone once. He can then accept that referral link. Once he achieves global hero level of 20 you’ll get your shiny new hero. If you want you can refer more friends and every next you refer after your first one will get you 1 Classic card pack and your friend will get one pack as well. You can have max 5 referred friends granting you the Morgl and 4 packs. Thanks Blizzard!

Hearthstone New Shaman Hero

‘Refer a friend’ system

New Adventure?

Unfortunately this update haven’t brought us new cards or balance changes. Also we didn’t get a new Adventure but just one day after the Morgl update was released, new info appeared on Reddit. The source doesn’t seem to be related with Blizzard but before the Morgl was released that same source leaked that he’ll be in the next patch. They said on Reddit that the next Adventure will be focused around raids from World of Warcraft:”The next adventure is a three-Chinese characters raid”.

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