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Hearthstone World Championship 2016

Hearthstone World Championship 2016

Like last year, this year too, BlizzCon event will accompany Hearthstone’s final – World Championship tournament.
The stakes finalists will be brawling for are as high as always. Prize pool is whooping 1 million USD. This will of course be shared among 16 title contenders. The first seated, champion will go home with 250k USD while others will be awarded according to their final position.

Tournament Format

The World Championship is divided to two main competitive aspects. The first one is Group Stages, where 16 finalists are split into 4 groups. All of the contenders originate from 4 different regions (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and China). Every group will have 1 representative from each of this regions. Other grouping parameters are based on HTC points. So not much RNG here. How ironic… Group Stage begins October 26th and ends October 30th with Decider Match. By that time the first seated in groups automatically go to top 8 while 2nd and 3rd fight for 2nd spot.
After the Group Stage is over the BlizzCon stage will begin where only 8 players will made it trough. Quarter finals begin November 4th and Semifinals and Grand Final begin November 5th, which is the last day of World Championship.

World Championship

Current seating before today’s matches

Choose your champion system

Blizzard feels generous again and thanks to that we are able to ‘Choose our champion’. This means that from October 20-25 we were able to pick one of the title contenders for our champion prediction. Knowing that this time for picking a players has passed doesn’t mean that you still can’t make your prediction. From October 31th till November 3rd you can pick your representative again if you haven’t done so in the first round. Everyone who already made their choice prior to this can’t correct their pick even if their champion was eliminated. So pick wisely!

What are the rewards?

I said that Blizzard feels generous so there must be some rewards for choosing the winning player, right? Yes, that correct there are some nice rewards. Nothing over the top but free stuff is, well – free. Everyone who even makes the pick will be awarded 1 The Grand Tournament pack. One additional The Grand Tournament pack will be given for each match your champion wins during the Hearthstone World Championship. These will be delivered to your account by ‘Gnomish Homing Chickens’ after the tournament has concluded.

My prediction…

World Championship


…has already failed me. Unfortunately the champion I chose won’t be bringing the title with him. I went with the European ‘Thijis’ as he’s the only guy I actively follow and know about. Many others chose him as well but unfortunately for us he was eliminated after the first 2 matches. Every match with the score 3-4. He fought hard but RNG and pressure had better of him making Thijis make some miss plays. But who am I to talk about pro player making a miss play. All in all I enjoyed his games and am grateful to him for that. That’s all that matters!

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