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Hearthstone’s Getting a New Adventure?

Hearthstone’s Getting a New Adventure?

As we all now Hearthstone is by a great margin the most popular card collecting game on the market. It was developed and published by the well known Blizzard.

Content related updates

Almost all active multiplayer games get an periodical update that’s more than just a bugs and tweaks related. In Hearthstone there are two types of contend updates: expansions and adventures. The latest contend update that we got was The Whispers of the Old Gods. That was an expansion that brought us a wide selection of brand new cards as well as some tweaks and bug fixes. The other type of content updates are adventures. These are purchasable singleplayer-like experiences. Each Adventure has 4-5 wings that can be bought as a collection or separately. And each wing gives player a chance to challenge certain boss and get some exclusive cards if they manage to beat it.

Blizzard’s routine

Every HS player that’s stuck with the game for a while knows that Blizzard has almost a rule when it comes for types of content updates they release. After every new expansion there’s an adventure. So far we had few of adventures with first ones being ‘Curse of Naxxramas’, ‘Blackrock Mountain’ and ‘The League of the Explorers’.

New Hearthstone Adventure

Curse of Naxxramas

The idea behind every new Adventure

Inspiration is a big factor when creating a singleplayer experience. There’s a certain expectation that players have when it comes to new adventure. And those expectations are high as no one wants to waste their money on a free-to-play game with bad microtransactions. The first adventure we got was Curse of Naxxramas. The idea behind that was the popular raid from World of Warcraft, Naxxramas. The second adventure was Blackrock Mountain also an WoW raid. And the latest adventure was of course The League of the Explorers that’s focused around a popular WoW guild.

New Hearthstone Adventure

League of the explorers

New Hearthstone Adventure?

Couple of days ago Blizzard sent out an email inviting certain players to tune into to a stream that’s happening later this month (28 July). The invitation didn’t state its purpose but it gave us certain clues. First of all the invitation is decorated with feathers. Every experienced WoW player can think just about one thing when feathers in WoW are mentioned. And that thing is Medivh, a well known sorcerer that can transform himself into a raven. Medivh is also directly connected to a popular raid in World of Warcraft known as Karazhan. This was one of the most unique raids in the game as it featured many different settings: an opera house, a ballroom… This is certainly a great news for every veteran Hearthstone player as the game seems to be in a peculiar, strictly meta-defined situation. All we have to do now is to wait and see if our predictions are correct.

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