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Master X Master Alpha Test 1

Master X Master Alpha Test 1

Master X Master is an interesting and unique mix of genres. At its core it’s an MOBA with elements of PVE story mode. It’s also a MMO RPG co-op game. It’s being developed by the same guys that brought us Wild Star and Blade & Soul not to long ago, NCSOFT.
Couple of days ago, on 24 June, first Alpha test, called Alpha Test 1 begun. It was available for everyone that had a key and those weren’t so difficult to obtain. Everyone who was looking forward to this test could probably get one.

What an odd mix of genres!

As I already said this a pinata of genres. When you first boot up the game you find yourself situated in an easily recognizable HUD area. If you ever played and MMO you’ll get used to it pretty fast. Here you can find different kinds of NPCs as well as some command centers from which you can queue up for your desired gamemode. Currently there are Story like missions and an arena where you can fight 3v3 against AI or other players.

Master X Master

HUB Area

Master X Master game is mostly MOBA style game. 3v3 arena match will probably be the most popular way to play the game since it seems to be the biggest focus point for developers. When you get you queue for game, it takes approximately 1.5 minutes, new window pops up where you select your 2 characters. In this game there are called, you guessed it, Masters. In-game you can switch between them every 13 seconds. Something like a tag system from wrestling games. After you lock your two desired Masters you ought to select 2 skills, one for E key one for Q key. Every character has 4 different skills along side passive ability and an Right Mouse Button evade skill. Next to skills everyone gets a weapon whose stats you can modify so it does different things. For example to fire longer without overheating, to fire further, to do more damage, etc.

Master X Master

3v3 PvP arena match


One of the key features of every MOBA is extensive amount of replayability. In this test there were 30 Masters. Along side that every had 4 different skills and ways to additionally enhance them via nodes. Just that should point to you that replayability is sky high.

Master X Master

Master X Master – Masters
That’s a mouth full of Masters

Master X Master


Story elements do exist. There you’re gonna be facing PvE only challenges. Some ending with a boss fight which is a nice touch I must say. One thing I noticed is that there seems to be a little bit of lag when shooting creatures. Looks like sound and video aren’t completely synced which is strange because those problems don’t really exist in arena. I also found that game prone to crash since it happened to me 2 or 3 times during my 4 hours long play session. This is of course to be expected and not to find fault with since it’s only first alpha test.

Master X Master

An scene from mission

Master X Master

Boss battle

Master X Master

Mmmh, what’ better than rewards after a successful mission

Master X Master

You shall not play!

Bright future up ahead!

Just from this play test I can tell you that this game promises a lot. It has its own spot in never bigger pool of MOBA and MOBA-like games. It will probably appeal to fans of both fighting and RPG games. We can only hope that a play model of this game won’t get greedy ruined since it seems that only that could plant this game face down into ground.

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