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Team Fortress 2 – Meet Your Match

Team Fortress 2 – Meet Your Match

As we all know Team Fortress 2 is the granddaddy of all the character based first-person shooters. Since its launch it got much love from its developer, Valve. Some of the updates were small tweaks and bug fixes. However, for last couple of years we got a lot of ‘quality of life improvements’ as well as content-adding updates.

Meet your match

Meet Your Match is the latest update for this almost 10 years old game. This time around we got some interesting and arguable stuff getting into the game.
You know how Overwatch introduced its Competitive Play last week? Well from now on that will be available in this graybeard too. Yeah you read that right. A century old game finally thought of implementing match making that isn’t dominated by casuals.
From now on you’ll be able to enjoy 6v6 ranked games in TF2. As in most games that support this kind of play you’ll be able to earn ranks and titles. There should be 16 that you can earn by winning and loose by, obviously. loosing the games or disconnecting and not rejoining.

Team Fortress 2 Meet Your Match

Ranks and titles

To be able to queue up for Competitive mode you’ll need to have Premium Team Fortress 2 account. And valid phone number associated with your Steam Account.
Competitive Mode FAQ

A big change for casual players as well

This has been a big downside for TF2 for a long time. The only way you could be certain that you’ll join a match that has just started was to play multiple games in a row on the same sever. Now, every match you queue up for casual play will be 12v12 in a game that’s just about to start. You’ll also be able to party up with friends. If you of course have any, and play Competitive or Casual with them. The match maker will try to adjust your opponents accordingly without that intolerance if you queue up with someone that’s a lot more worse rank wise.

More content

This time around we got 3 new community created maps, two being for Control Point game mode and one for Payload game mode. Next to that ‘Pass Time’ game mode is finally out of beta which is a great thing.

My overall thoughts

For me these are some great improvements with more game content as a bonus but it seems a bit to little to late. The Competitive queue should have been in game for years but somehow they released it just a week after their biggest genre competitor did. Not to mention that the rules set for it are, let’s just say, really similar. In the end I think that this is the last try from Team Fortress 2 to be considered as a serious game for serious players. The same players that were stuck with just that game for so many years but got what they craved for only after the release of a big enough competitor.

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