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New Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC 3

New Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC 3

Call of Duty history lessons

The Call of Duty franchise is probably the biggest video game series in the world. Almost everyone at least once heard of this giant of gaming industry. The Black Ops III is a sequel to first two Black Ops games and at the same time a mind blowing 13th iteration.

Call of Duty DLC 3

It’s that time of year again when we anxiously wait for the new batch of maps, gamemodes, weapons, bug fixes and last but by no means least, MORE ZOMBIES. The new DLC, so called DLC 3, has it’s own unique name – Descent. Even if you’re not up to date on BO3 news you probably know that there were 2 DLC’s before this one thus making this one as I already said DLC 3. In those previous downloadable content we got 8 maps in total. Four in first DLC and 4 in the 2nd DLC pack. Yet again, in DLC 3 there will be with 3 completely new maps and 1 re-skinned map from the previous Black Ops games.


The re-skinned map is my long time favorite from Black Ops II. There it was called ‘Raid‘ and it was the map I personally liked the most. The gameplay was fast paced with loads of flanking opportunities and always ‘on edge’ experience. I hope they bring all of that back without altering much.
Next to Raid which is now called ‘Empire‘ and has a mediterranean vibe there are 3 more brand new maps. One of them really stood out when I first saw the footage. That was a futuristic sports themed map called ‘Rumble‘. The last 2 maps are ‘Berserk‘ and ‘Cryogen‘. I need to add that initial screenshot of Berserk reminded me of that snowy map from the original Black Ops. So now I really hope they remaster that one as well in the next DLC.


Call of Duty DLC 3


As always I got chills just from looking at the new map for Zombies mode. It’s stunningly beautiful with a mystery tone to it. Adding even more immersion. Descent brings us Stalingrad-like map called ‘Gorod Krovi’. Be seated before reading next couple of sentences cause you might black out when I tell you… that they added huge ass mechs and DRAGONS. Yeah you read that right, there are dragons in COD game. Now I’ve seen it all…
Jokes aside, it all seems impressive and for such a paradoxical idea it’s all well tied up and fits great together. Also next to the map and dragons and mechs, we’ll get a new Ray gun. Now called Mark III Ray gun.
Call of Duty DLC 3

No, your sight ain’t tricking you. There ARE Dragons in Call of Duty game…

Release date

The new DLC 3 is already out on PS4 and will be coming to PC and Xbox One in August. We don’t have a strict date set just yet but my 2 cents are telling me that it might be around 5th August. However, do note that that’s just my subjective feeling.
As in regards to DLC 3 download size it should be around 6-8 gigabytes but that’s not confirmed as of time of writing this. Of course the grand releases of new downloadable contents are always followed by some minor bug fixes allowing all of us to have a much better experience. I really hope that the developers continue to support this game after the release of Call of Duty: Infinite in fall this year. Because it seems that the game really shaped up to be a great modern COD release, for a change!

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