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Overwatch- New Update to Xbox One and PS4 players adds Ana

Overwatch- New Update to Xbox One and PS4 players adds Ana

The latest update to Overwatch for consoles now add Ana, the first post-launch character for the players to play. It isn’t her debut anyway as PC players got Ana during Overwatch’s public testing servers on PC in early July. The addition of Ana was a huge surprise to the Overwatch community as no launch date was revealed. PS4 players got the update a day before (I don’t know why) Xbox One players, but now both of them can enjoy the additions.

Read Eric’s review on Overwatch,

Overwatch takes the shooter genre and flips it on its head by providing a bright, vibrant world full 21 unique heroes and game modes that demand gamers to collaborate if they wish to pull off a success.

So.. Ana, right?

Ana has a long-range rifle which can be used either for healing your mates or to hurt your foes. Similarly, her grenade also heals as well as damages foes and also prevent them from being healed for a short period. Ana’s Ultimate provides a teammate with damage, movement speed, and damage resistance buffs.

What else?

The update adds some other balance changes including buffs to Zenyatta and D.Va. The update also reduced 30% damage for Torbjorn’s turrets and Symmetra’s sentry turrets. You can view the full update notes at Blizzard’s forum..

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