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‘Play Anywhere’ hits this September for Xbox One and PC

‘Play Anywhere’ hits this September for Xbox One and PC

Well its really bad if we can’t continue playing our favorite games when on a vacation, as for me I want FIFA all the time. But for that do I need to carry my console all the way to my relax-spot? But what if we could continue playing Gears of War or Forza Horizon on our laptop too. Now with Play Anywhere on Xbox One and Windows 10, you can buy a game digitally from Xbox Store and you’ll also be able to download the game on your Windows 10 for free and vice versa. Your achievements, progress, game saves and any downloadable content from Xbox One will be available on your Windows 10 too.

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Play Anywhere hits on Xbox One and Windows 10 on September 13. Twelve games have been announced so far, including ReCore, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 and Halo Wars 2. But Microsoft is looking forward to implement this feature in triple-A titles too. Crackdown 3 is one on the list, so we should stay tuned for that.

Be sure to make your Xbox One updated. There are two upcoming major updates, the first one is the summer update which will bring the fan-favorite background music along with other social features. Then there is the big Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update which will follow up. After all this you will be able to get some incredible new features from your console.

Microsoft states, “The Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the related Xbox update coming this summer enable the Windows Store on Windows 10 and Xbox One to support Xbox Play Anywhere games. Then, beginning with the launch of ReCore this fall and continuing with Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2 and others, when you digitally purchase a game that supports Xbox Play Anywhere, you have access to the game on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs for one price and your progress, game saves and achievements are shared seamlessly across both platforms.”

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