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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Skull Rain

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Skull Rain

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was one of the most hyped releases in last couple of years. Since its launch it had 2 big updates. Bringing us 4 new playable operators as well as couple of new maps and tons of game changes. Couple of hours ago we found out that there’s another new update on the way. And in this article will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Rainbow Six Siege New Update?

Yes, that’s right. Love it or hate it the truth is that RS6 is a great game that deserves much more than it got. The lack of any story driven singleplayer campaign really crushed its player base. But both the developed and publisher stuck to Siege and for the 3rd time they are bringing us a great content update.
This time around we’ll be getting a new operation called ‘Skull Rain‘. A little bit cringe worthy title but stay with us on this one. Skull Rain brings us 2 new operators, Caveira and Capitão. Both from Brazil’s Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (BOPE). As a defensive operator Caveira has some so far unseen mechanics. She can sneak up on her enemies, immobilize them and interrogate to find out where the rest of the attacking team is. For now we’re not sure as how is she going to see her enemies positions or will her team be able to get this info or not.
The other operator, Capitão, is on the attacking team and can equip a crossbow that fires arrows that literally suck oxygen out of the air. Or he can equip some mini smoke grenades that can mask up his team’s movement and positions. All of this seems great and I’m really thrilled that we’re getting some new mechanics but only time will tell how’s this going to play out.

Rainbow Six Siege New Update

Rainbow Six Siege

Besides new operators we’re getting a brand new map. It seems as it will be set in Brazilian favela. Also as they said it should be the most destructible map so far. Too bad that the ‘Destructible’ feature ain’t one that should be brought up when talking about games other than Battlefield.
Last but certainly not least. All of the hardcore players are getting a some features that they were craving for since the release. And those are of course more immersive and realstic gameplay. In this new update a Tactical Realism custom game mode will be introduced. It will limit most of the HUD elements and make you manage you magazine count more carefully.
Those were all of the big changed and additions but they’re also bringing a new grip attachment as well as a surrender system.

The patch should be hitting on 2nd August on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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