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Smite – Fafnir’s Winter Wonderland

Smite – Fafnir’s Winter Wonderland

The Winter is Coming!

As you already know the seasons are about the change leading us into yet another Winter. As per usual Hi-Rez wants to celebrate this and what’s the better way to do that than to give us a brand new batch of skins as well as some more meaty additions.

Fafnir’s Winter Wonderland

You might remember that Xian Tian’s Mountain gamemode we’ve had couple of moths ago. Well, this time instead of Chinese guardian we’ll be greeted by non other than Valhalla’s finest dwarf – Fafnir. He didn’t change rules much but there are some minor tweaks when fighting his beloved minions. Instead of a naked rock, this time players will be brawling in a snowy arena-like battleground where they’ll be facing many re-skinned bosses from Xian Tian’s Mountain.


Like on X.T Mountain there will be 15 different boss encounters that you and your 4 friends, or at least current teammates will have to defeat. Every 1 boss marks 1 round. After beating first 15 rounds the difficulty will increase from default Easy to Hard, altering some of the boss mechanics thus making everything more challenging. You can play on Hard mode straight away only after you complete straight 15 rounds on Easy. After that you can opt into Hard mode any time you like.


Hi-Rez spoiled their player base long time ago, making them expect to be rewarded all the times. Well, you’ll be glad to hear this traditions continues with Fafnir’s Winter Wonderland.

Fafnir's Winter Wonderland

From Molten one to Snowed up one, everything fits him

Every 1 round you successfully complete on Easy difficulty will give you +5 points towards completing The Achievement. And every 1 round you successfully complete on Hard difficulty will give you +15 points towards completing The Achievement. You can also get quite a big points boost if you choose to complete certain quests, these will award you with up to +100 points. This ‘special’ achievement is only available while this gamemode exists. The Achievement is divided into 5 tiers which are unlocked by collecting enough points. Every unlocked tier grants you some Odyssey points and reaching tier 5 will give you 1 role for Cutesy Avatar Chest (which will include Cutesy Fafnir after the 3.22 patch hits the server).

Fafnir's Winter Wonderland

The tiers of The Achievement

Leaderboards alteration

This is one of the biggest changes when compared to X.T’s Mountain. This time around we’ll be getting 2 public Leaderboards. One for Easy and one for Hard mode.

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