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Smite Mid-Season Update

Smite Mid-Season Update

As per usual Smite throws another big update changing everything, again.

New God!

This time around we get yet another new God, Erlang Shen: The Illustrious Sage. It seems like he is another ADC. By purely reading trough his kit he might have a pet like Skadi. It’s interesting that his ultimate doesn’t do any damage what so ever, instead it gives him percentage damage mitigation and flat out heal.

Skins and Miscellaneous

Like every patch, this too, we’re getting some sick new skins that are probably going to be locking into a chest or obtainable via bundle. Khepri gets a magnificent new lobster-like skin and Bellona goes back to 70s to become a new Rocky Balboa.

Smite Khepri Skin

Chef’s Special Khepri

Smite Bellona Skin


Along side this Thor gets a new mastery card for his ‘Heavy metal’ skin, with some miscellaneous achievements throw in as well.

And now to the real changes

Actives Balancing

Shield of the underworld is getting back. This time they changed its name in ‘Thorns’. This active is necessary for 1v1 games where ADCs seem to rule the game. The only bad thing is that they didn’t limit usage of this item only to 1v1 so we might see a change in 5v5 games regarding the actives.
Phantom is a brand new active. It allows players who activated it to pass trough other gods and geometry placed on the map by other gods (Thor’s wall, Ymir’s wall, Anhur’s pillar). The effect lasts for 5 seconds.
Some other actives got little changes. Some of them are buffed like Scout, I mean really Hi-Rez? Do you think someone will use this on a professional level? And Curse got a nerf along side Hel getting a little buff. Heal meta here we go again…

Items Changes

In this upcoming patch we’ll get a couple of brand new items with some of the old ones being completely removed from the game.
The new items that will be added in this patch are:
Ritual dagger and Emperor’s Armor. Both item passives introduce new game mechanic. The first item prolongs the duration of effects caused by actives by 50%. This doesn’t apply to actives like, lets see, Scout? Yeah that’s a thing.
Emperor’s Armor on the other hand gives 30% move attack speed to allied towers and decreases attack speed of enemies towers by the same percentage. If two gods from different teams have this item and are both in range of the same tower the effects disannul.
On the other hand both Golden Bow and Throwing Dagger are completely removed from the game. It seems that they shifted the build and the play style of ADCs in the wrong direction.
Some other items like Ancile and Heartseeker are getting small buffs which is nice since they were never picked up.

God Changes

Many of the old gods get changer in regards to their passive abilities.
Guan Yu gets a buff. Now his passive when fully stacked augments all of the abilities including his ultimate.
Odin gets a new passive as well. Along side his old passive that gets active only if someone dies in his ring now he gets new passive that buffs him when near dead gods.
Ne Zha, Ao Kuang, Arachne and Ratatoskr get a little nerf with Hel, Anubis, Vulcan, Chang’e, Fafnir, Sylvanus and Ah Muzen Cab getting some much needed love. But don’t expect Ah Muzen Cab to be played ever since he’s as bad as was always.
Do note that all of this changes should be live on PTS (public test server) and some might not go into live client at all of in this state.
Full PTS patch notes…

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