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Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale

Short History

Five years in a row Valve is organizing ‘Steam Summer Sale’. The event that started back in 2012 is now considered to be one of the most anticipated events in a year of PC gamers. Every year there are breathtaking discounts that can’t be overlooked.

Is Valve generous this time?

This year Summer Sale starts today, 23 June and it will last till 4 July, says unofficial Steam related website. If this is to be believed we can expect some hefty time limited price drops. All coming our way in next couple of minutes.
Valve still hasn’t responded to these unofficial allegations. However, about a week ago well known American company, Paypal, has tweeted saying that Steam Sale will start 23 June.

What to expect?

As a PC gamer that doesn’t have much money to spend on games I always try to save up for this and similar events. There are some titles I hope will be drastically price cut. Some of those are: Legendary ‘GTA V’ that I still haven’t gotten the chance to play. I also hope to see Assassins Creed series getting bundled and discounted since Summer is the best time to play trough those campaign masterpieces. Also to be expected is CS:GO discount, so if you don’t own that ‘cyka blyat’ simulator now is the right time to get it.

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Dimitrije Stankov

The PC games fanatic. Got lost in Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood at the age of 4, since then no one ever saw or heard anything about this person, some say he got stuck in deep forest swamps. True story bro!

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