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Take on an all-new Master Level in Doom Eternal’s latest update

Take on an all-new Master Level in Doom Eternal’s latest update

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Update 4 is here for Doom Eternal, granting the opportunity to challenge your skills and earn rewards with the Super Gore Nest Master Level.

Like previous Master Levels, this version of Super Gore Nest takes the existing level from Doom Eternal’s campaign and remixes it with different demon encounters for an all-new combat experience.

That’s not all! Super Gore Nest also features cosmetic reward each time you complete the Master Level on a new mode or difficulty. Complete all the challenges and receive the grand prize: your very own Gold Combat Shotgun skin.

To keep things spicy, one of Super Gore Nest’s challenges is a brand-new game mode: Classic Mode. Inspired by the days of the original Doom (1993), playing the Super Gore Nest Master Level on Classic Mode starts you off with just one weapon: The Combat Shotgun.

Fight your way through the map to regain your arsenal, building your way back to your fully-loaded Slayer glory! Complete this old-school challenge and you’ll also earn the Classic Green Slayer skin!

Update 4 is available for download now for Doom Eternal on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems. For more details on Master Levels, community challenges and even more unlockable in-game content, be sure to check out the Slayers Club for the latest on all things Doom.

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