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Tricks For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Tricks For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

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Tricks Mirror's Edge Catalyst

  • When it becomes too crowded or you’re down on health– better to escape and come back from another angle with rebuilt Focus.
  • Always prepare to Shift– up to an opponent, away from a strike, or around for a back attack.
    Shifting as an opponent strikes provides you more time to obtain away, or to obtain around to strike from behind– so keep running and utilize wallruns and springboards to get close.
  • Enforcers can’t shoot you while you’re engaged in melee with others– but they need to be handled earlier rather than later on.
  • Even the fastest wall can be utilized for a wallrun, or a quickturn combined with a jump. Attempt to optimize your usage of the environment for your attacks.
  • When you’re at your last important health you have a minute of invulnerability. Either dedicate to taking out the opponent you have in front of you to gain more Focus, or escape and start developing it up with traversal relocations.
  • Assaulting from above, ziplines, or swingbars constantly deal a much greater damage to enemies. When fully upgraded you can get everyone by doing this, except the Guard.


Tricks Mirror's Edge Catalyst movement

  • To maximize your ranges, keep in mind that you can go farther out from a ledge and longer in a wallrun than you believe, before you have to jump.
  • Shift from standing still or from a landing to get speed once again. This conserves you valuable seconds in a timed objective.
  • If you’re running up on a 90-degree turn, you can turn slightly towards the turn and turn on a Sideshift making a sharper turn.

Mission Help

Tricks Mirror's Edge Catalyst alert

  • When you are trying to live through a KrugerSec Alert– bear in mind that you can utilize traversal and light attacks to move through enemies and just slide past their encounters.
  • The unlockable movement features will significantly help when aiming to beat timed objectives.
  • The red thread will offer you a path, but not necessarily the fastest path.
  • Landing yourself in a fight during a diversion mission is more than likely to delay you just enough to miss out on the time.


  • Trouble getting that last star on a Dash? Perhaps you need to open more motion features making it.
  • The Disruptor is fantastic to remove those bothersome security video cameras.

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