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The Upcoming Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridges Instead Discs

The Upcoming Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridges Instead Discs

In a plethora of rumors surrounding the upcoming console from Nintendo, one was present in almost all articles written on the subject – the one telling that NX will use cartridges instead discs. Another report surfaced, this time coming from Wall Street Journal, telling that Nintendo NX will definitely be using cartridges.

The report cites “people familiar with the matter” that Nintendo decided to pass discs, this time, instead going with the technology used in 3DS. While cartridges are perfectly suitable for a handheld console like Nintendo 3DS, using them for storing games made for a home console could be problematic. Video games are getting bigger and bigger, but since Xbox One and PS4 use Blu-ray discs capable of storing up to 50 GB of data, this wasn’t the problem for those two consoles.

NX 1

Nintendo NX will be the new generation of home console from Nintendo, meaning that games made for it will be massive in size, and cartridges are pretty limited when it comes to storage capacity. Will Nintendo construct a new cartridge type capable of storing way more data, or will the games made for it be smaller in file size? We don’t know that, but one thing is sure, the NX will most definitely use some sort of cartridges for games.

Nintendo NX should release during the first quarter of 2017, and there already few games announced for the console, among them is the new Legend of Zelda called Breath of the Wild.

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