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World of Tanks – 9.16 Hits Live Server

World of Tanks – 9.16 Hits Live Server

As you’re probably already aware, World of Tanks is an MMO vehicle combat game that features only historic tanks. In this article we’re gonna be taking a closer look at the newest game iteration, patch 9.16.

A pattern, don’t you think?

For the last couple of patches, if you payed some attention you could’ve obviously seen that the Wargaming, the developer behind WoT, is multiplying its effort to eliminate any mod support that player might need. This hasn’t changed much in the latest patch either. Previously, the mini map features like view range, spotting range and radio range circles were introduced. After some time whole idea of modding that aspect of the game disappeared and now almost everyone is using vanilla mini map features. Well, in this latest – 9.16 patch is seems that the game development is still going in the same direction.

New stuff

World of Tanks

Bunch of trackers to the right

Now, next to the mini map and zooming features we’ve got the hit log, damage, spotting and assisting damage counters. All of these are situated in the left lower area of the screen and can be additionally modified in settings if needed.
Next to that, we’ve also got brand new notifications system. Now, when you receive potential damage, an arrow will pop up. This arrow can display the damage you took/bounce, the name of the tank that shot you and will pinpoint the area where that shooting tank is. This also works if that tank isn’t spotted which is in my opinion a terrible choice WG made as now everyone can even without ever spotting you fairly successfully return fire.

World of Tanks

Garage changes are always crucial!

Some other things in garage HUD were changed so now you can manage your tanks with more ease.
Spotting mechanics were greatly improved as now tanks that you can spot will be spotted more quickly. So hopefully no more ghost driving will be seen.
A brand new map – Paris was introduced. I must say that it looks great but how will it play out only time can tell.

New tank!

Yes, you read that title correctly. In 9.16 we got a brand new tank that also introduces us to a new tech tree, Swedish one. I don’t know much about this tank as I haven’t seen it on battlefield yet but I know that is has a strange name. Also it’s a tier 6 medium premium auto-loader. The first of his kind.

So, is 9.16 any good?

World of Tanks

Yeah, real fun… At least showcases new HUD options pretty well…

To summarize, I think this is a step in right direction. Mods are for long time a thing that many could and did exploit. In a multiplayer game that’s absurd and 100% unfair, so WG’s efforts to make mods a lesser need for is great. New tanks and tech trees are always great additions. However, the balance changes are still a thing that needs to be addressed. Arty is still a pain it the ass as it always was. So far we still don’t know when the changes from the supertest will be in play but it seems we’re still far away from them…

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