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Xbox One Outsells PS4 Third Time in a Row

Xbox One Outsells PS4 Third Time in a Row
The comeback..

This is what Microsoft wanted from the beginning, to make their console on top of its rivals. And now with Xbox One S, they are really doing it. Xbox One breaks PS4s sales in UK and US for the third month in a row. Reports suggest that more Xbox One consoles were sold in June, July and September than Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles.


This is mainly due to the release of Microsoft’s new variant to the Xbox One family: the Xbox One S. The console featured 40% less size than the original and also allowed HDR capability first time ever in a console. Also note that Microsoft had put some stealing discounts for their original consoles which is another or most important factor for this sales uprising.


In July, the original Xbox One were dropped down to just $249 with a game packed in and the consoles were already under a dropped down price of $269 on June. This would have allowed many gamers to advance to the current-gen gaming.

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But we couldn’t say that Xbox is turning its sales upside down from what it had been. Because its been only a week since the PlayStation VR launched and two new PS4 variants are also out this year, the PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro. We have already covered everything about the PS4 slim as well as the Pro. So if Microsoft could pass with a lead through this holiday, then we can assume that they are taking the crown back.

The PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR

Still Microsoft hasn’t revealed their sales amount. But EA suggested about 19 million Xbox One consoles would have sold in January and recently Nvidia reported a 29 million Xbox One sales in total. The total PS4 sales is still leading high at an estimation of 52 million PS4s sold all over the world. That’s about 40% more than total Xbox One sales. Sony had released a sales figure of 40 million console sale in May.


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