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Xbox One Summer Update started rolling out

Xbox One Summer Update started rolling out

Xbox One’s significant summer update has started rolling out. You can expect an update for your console anytime now. The update brings some of the best and most wanted features including Cortana and background music.

Hello Xbox, I am Cortana

Cortana, Microsoft’s highly intelligent digital assistant is on its way to Xbox One for US and UK users through this update. You can use voice commands to open a game or to watch live TV with Cortana and unlike the Kinect, you don’t need to say, for example “Xbox, go to South Park: The Fractured But Whole” instead you can say “Cortana, go to South Park”. Meaning you don’t need to say the full name of the game in order to open it which in turn means the new assistant is intelligent than the older one. Kinect is not required for Cortana, you can use any voice headsets as well. Cortana is only available for US and UK users as of now, but it will be available everywhere according to Microsoft.

Background Music

The highly recommended background music compatibility is also out with the update starting with Pandora app. You can now hear your favorite artist while you are playing. There is also a new section to control your background volume on the Quick Access menu.


The new update merges your Xbox Store and the new Windows Store together. You can download some of the Windows apps and it will get widened. Also it would make the existing upcoming games ad lesser.

Play Anywhere

Microsoft introduced the Play Anywhere program for Xbox One and Windows 10 on their E3 press conference this year. With this program players can download Play Anywhere enabled game on Xbox One and can get a free copy on their Windows 10 PC too and vice versa. You can play your game on Xbox One and continue your game on Windows 10 PC while you are going out. Game saves will transfer over to both the systems along with your achievements. However you can only play the game on one system at once. Play Anywhere is enabled for upcoming games like Forza Horizon 3 and ReCore.

Language region independence

This is another fan requested feature which allows us to select any language regardless of our location. It will also be included in this update.

Other updates

My Games & Apps section is also getting tweaked up, there will be a new Ready to Install and Updates section section. Games will be aligned vertically than horizontally so you can catch your games more easily. Other features include a Facebook friend-finder which finds your friends from Facebook on Xbox One. Then, the top 10 Windows game will show up on your console and an additional game hub for your Windows games. Now you will also be able to record games on 60fps after the update.

For detailed information on this update, visit Xbox Wire.

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